Employee Benefits

Q1. What is Workmen’s Compensation Insurance?
Mandatory Insurance protects your liability as an employer for employment injury (including death) of any of your employees who is a ‘workman’ as defined under Workmen Compensation Act
Q2. What is covered under workmen’s compensation insurance?
1. Death
2. Permanent total disablement
3. Permanent partial disablement
4. Temporary disablement
5. Legal costs and expenses incurred with the company’s consent
Q3.What is not covered under workman’s compensation insurance?
1. Any injury which does not result in fatality or partial disablement for period exceeding 3 days.
2. First 3 days of disablement where the total disablement is less than 28 days.
3. For any non-fatal injury caused by any accident which is directly attributable to:-
(a)Influence of drinks or drugs.
(b)Willful disobedience of an order for securing safety of the workman.
(c)Willful removal or disregard of safety guard device.
4. War group and nuclear group of perils.
5. Liability to employees of contractors of the insured (unless specifically declared)
6. Employee who is not a “workman” as per WC act.
7. Liability of insured assumed under an agreement.
8. For occupational diseases mentioned in part “C” of schedule III of WC Act unless cover is extended on extra premium.
9. Increase due to any change in statute provisions after policy had incepted under more than one statute / one forum for the same injury.
Q4. What are the extension under Workman’s compensation Insurance?
1. Actual medical, surgical and hospital expenses including the cost of transport to hospital for Accidental employment injuries
2. Any compensation for diseases mentioned in Part ‘C’ of Schedule III of the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, which arise out of and in the course of employment
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