Group Term Life Insurance

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Following types of groups can buy group term life insurance on the lives of the group members:

  • Employer-employee
  • Consumer Groups
  • Associations for their Members
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Other Self-interest groups formed for a purpose other than to avail a group insurance

An employer can purchase this policy for employee groups

In the case of an employer purchasing the policy, certain conditions apply:

  • Only full-time, permanent, or active employees are eligible
  • An employee must be 18 years and older, or 70 years and less
  • To be considered active at work, the employee should be performing regular duties at work. Any employee on long leave due to health reasons (not recognised by the company) is not considered eligible
  • An employee absent from duty due to sickness, injury, or maternity leave, will be considered active. He/she will be required to submit a health declaration at the time of registering for the policy

A non-employer-employee group can be insured, subject to conditions imposed by IRDA

A non-employer-employee group can be same bank account holders, members belonging to a social organisation, or people having the same occupation like a group of journalists, lawyers, or doctors.

However, the need for an insurance policy should be incidental and not for the purpose of obtaining just insurance.

The protocol is the same, a single policy will be issued to cover homogeneous members. There will only be one master policy holder in any case. Rest of the members clearly need to specify their relationship with the master policy holder, to be eligible.

Case on Eligibility of Buying Group Term Cover

Automile is an automobile parts supplier company. The company has registered offices in Delhi, Pune, and Jaipur. It also delivers parts to motorbike dealers, car dealers, and commercial vehicle dealers in neighboring cities.

Automile has an active employee base of on-site managers, office managers, sales workforce, and people in its head-office at Delhi. Considering that its twin offices-Pune and Jaipur are integral to the company’s growth, the Human Resource managers of Automile (headed by Ritesh) decide to cover the workforce under a single group term life insurance policy.

Ritesh can only include permanent employees. If he has temporary recruitments like drivers, labourers, suppose 20 in numbers. They are not entitled to the group term benefits.

Still, Ritesh has an option to cover his key employee base, by giving them a life-term loyalty bonus. The firm can also buy a separate policy for Delhi team, depending upon his exact requirement and people to be insured.

Automile also supports an NGO, Naee Kiran under its CSR responsibility. The NGO supports underprivileged children through education and skill development. Naee Kiran currently employs more than 50 volunteer workers throughout the year, and about 150 volunteers may join once or twice a year depending on the availability.

Naee Kiran is considering a term cover for all the employees including the seasonal volunteers. But the insurer informs that only the full-time workers can be covered under the policy, and seasonal volunteers can be covered under workmen compensation or may not be covered at all.

The insurer explains that the volunteers are part-time workers and cannot be covered under a group policy. Also, because the NGO has no control or knowledge about the life risks faced by the volunteers outside. The administrative cost of including such workers will be quite high and will increase the premium for all the workers if included in the same policy.

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