Marine Insurance

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Cargo Insurance or Transit Coverage Insurance solutions will help you in safeguarding yourself from the various risks associated with the goods when they are in transit. With marine inland transit coverage, you are able to avail of coverage against loss, damage, or destruction. Which can happen to goods while they are in transit over land transportation such as by goods trains or trucks. Marine inland transit insurance is usually suitable for those goods which are being domestically transported.

This marine inland transit coverage can be classified under two major heads i.e.

  1. The ITC A i.e. Inland Transit Clause A or All Risk policy
  2. The ITC B i.e. Inland Transit Clause B or Basic Risk Cover 

ITC A (Inland Transit Clause A)

This clause would help in providing cover against all the risks of damage to the goods. Insured while they are in transit either by railway or roadways.

The inland marine insurance coverage is effective from the time the goods are ready to leave the warehouse or their place of storage. It would get terminated as soon as the delivery of the goods is made. In many cases, there could be deviations, forced discharge, or a delay in the delivery of the goods. But the inland transit cover would be active during such times as well.  

The termination of ITC A can occur in the case of the below-mentioned scenarios.

  1. In case of successful delivery of the goods to the final warehouse, consignees, or the storage place of the other party as specified in the document of the policy.
  2. Transit by train or road on the expiry of a week after the arrival of the wagon at the specific railway station.
  3. In the case of the transport of goods by roads only on the expiration of one week after the vehicle arrives at the destination, as mentioned in the policy document.

This period of one week or seven days calculates from midnight from the day the railway wagon arrives at the destined station or the vehicle arrives at the destined city. However, in some cases, this period of seven days can extend in case of goods on road, at railway premises. Or any other warehouse specified in the document of the policy. In such an exceptional case, it provides an extension of 8 weeks in addition to the one-week time, already given earlier.


However, there are some scenarios that are not covered under the scope of the ITC A such as

  1. Ordinary leakage or losses incurred in the weight or volume of the shipment.
  2. Willful misconduct with the shipment
  3. Improper packing 
  4. Situations like war, riots, strikes, or any civil commotion
  5. Inherent vice or insolvency of the concerned carriers

Hence, the inland marine insurance transit coverage is appropriate for those small-scale or medium-sized businesses where there is no requirement for international trading. The ITC A will ensure the safety of your goods while transporting them by land. Thus, giving you a sense of security and peace of mind.

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