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Have you ever thought of covering international treatment in your health insurance?
If not, then you should start thinking of the importance of this coverage in health policy. In this article, we will discuss why it is worth considering the international mediclaim cover.
Health is the most crucial part of life and we should take care of it. Even though most of us have a good lifestyle and healthy diet, there are chances that we get sick or need to undergo medical treatment for some injury.
We all know that in past, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is a neuropathic disorder that affects the trigeminal nerve causing chronic facial pain. He had to undergo the medical treatment for this ailment in the USA which helped him cure to much extent.
As he is a celebrity and has strong finances, he regained his health by undergoing the best treatment overseas. But not all of us have such strong financial condition to afford expensive international treatments.
In case of life-threatening diseases, you may be forced to look for foreign treatment for cure. Undergoing surgeries and getting medical treatment abroad can be very expensive and will not only put mental stress but also the financial strain on the family. For instance, the average cost of brain surgery in the US is approximately 35lakhs compared to 3lakhs in India, hence making it more difficult to pay from own pocket.
Considering the above scenario, it has become important to cover yourself and your family under a comprehensive health insurance policy which offers coverage for international medical treatment.
Not all the health insurance companies in India offer overseas treatment cover, in fact, it is generally an exclusion in most of the policies. But due to the rising popularity of international treatment, some of the health insurance companies have launched policies which offer overseas treatment coverage.
To be exact, there are four companies namely Religare health insurance, Max Bupa Health Insurance, Cigna TTK Health insurance and New India Assurance Limited which offer international hospitalisation cover along with their regular health insurance coverage. However, there are some specific conditions for this coverage which you should be aware of.
Below are the three important factors which should be considered while opting for such coverage.

1.Critical Illness Cover:

You should check how many critical illnesses are covered under overseas treatment. For instance, Max Bupa offers international cover for nine critical illness including Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Brain Surgery.

2. Countries Covered:

You should find in which all countries you can avail treatment under your health insurance cover. For example, Religare Health Insurance generally does not cover medical treatment in the US. You need to pay an additional premium to cover hospitalisation in the US.

3. Pre-existing Disease Cover:

Health insurance policies cover pre-existing diseases after a specified waiting period. This period varies from insurer to insurer. For example, Cigna TTK has the waiting period of 90 days, while Max Bupa has the waiting period of 3 years for certain specified ailments.
So the bottom line,
Everybody is prone to illness these days and, unfortunately, medical contingencies can come along to anyone at any time. The best we can do is protect yourself and our family against such an unplanned event. So don’t wait and waste time thinking. Buy comprehensive health insurance today and protect your family. You can get your instant quotes here and compare the coverage online at your fingertips.
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