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Published in Mint on 12th June, 2017. Written by Abhishek Bondia

A friend of mine recently lost his eyesight due to medical negligence of the doctor. It made me wonder if it is possible to take an insurance policy that covers disability due to medical negligence? Are the premiums for the policy expensive?

—Krishna Rai
A general health insurance policy covers treatment costs for disabilities that may be because of third party negligence. Further, disability due to an accident could be covered under individual personal accident insurance. So, a situation where a person loses his eyesight due to medical negligence would be covered under both health insurance and personal accident insurance. The health insurance will pay the treatment costs and the personal accident will pay a fixed sum.
A personal accident insurance plan costs about Rs20,000 for cover of Rs1 crore.

I was teaching my son how to drive and he rammed the car into the divider. He has a learner’s licence, and I have a diver’s licence. In such a case, will my insurance company cover the damages to the car?

—Ved Pratap Singh
Insurance coverage is valid, even if the driver is holding a learner’s licence. The person should be accompanied by an instructor holding an effective driving licence to drive. Also, the vehicle should have a plate affixed with the letter ‘L’. Motor insurance rules require that the driver should satisfy the requirements of Rule 3 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. If these conditions are met, the claim will be paid.

In what scenarios should I consider a super top-up plan for myself? I am 37 years old, non-smoker, and my annual income is Rs17 lakh. I have high BP issues but I have controlled it with exercise and diet. If not super top-up, what other options can I consider?

—Jayesh Patel
A super top-up plan is essentially meant to enhance an existing base plan. Whether or not, you should take a top-up plan depends on the sum assured of the base plan. At your annual income, you should consider a sum assured of around Rs20 lakh. Given that you already have a chronic ailment diagnosed, I recommend that if there is a gap in sum assured, you should fill that immediately. Insurance companies become reluctant to issue insurances to people as they grow older and suffer chronic ailments.