Marine Insurance

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A commercial marine insurance plays an active role in safeguarding business from various risks which may arise during transportation of goods through the water. There are various benefits which one can enjoy after buying the policy, let’s have a look at them=

  1. It facilities international trade= As there has been an increase in the volume of trade through water, there has been an equal rise in the risks as well. As a result, marine insurance policy plays an imperative role in enabling easy movement of goods by curtailing the risks involved. As the policy gives complete protection against various losses or damages, it allows those who are engaged in international trade to venture their capital freely which in turns greatly helps in expanding the business operations.
  2. It gives peace of mind= As people in business know their goods are covered against loss or damage, marine insurance policy gives peace of mind to them. It helps to release tension, fear and takes away anxiety from businessmen who are involved in the global business. It means, they can operate their business without fear or tension.
  3. It improves the quality of life= A marine insurance policy helps in controlling losses that may arise from various marine risks. As a result, more and more people can engage in international business. It also gives rise to more jobs, more production, more income and more consumption of goods and services, which also help in improvising the people’s quality of life.
  4. It ensures social benefits= A marine insurance policy helps people in business to recover from various losses or damages. It keeps the business going, jobs are not lost and services also continue to be sold. It gives social benefits as people do not lose their jobs and their source of income remains intact. It boosts the growth of the economy as well.
  5. It offers expertise= Those who have businesses may have their specialties to trade, but they may have limited knowledge of risk management. In this way, insurance helps in removing the anxiety by making its expertise available. As a result, business efficiency is also increased. Moreover, the fact that the business is protected from many catastrophe losses or damages will also encourage businessmen to undertake ventures which otherwise might have been shelved as too risky to initiate.

In fact, regardless of the size and type of your vessel, it is necessary to obtain the right marine insurance for your vessel. It will ensure the right amount of coverage and protection for both yourself and your passengers in the event something goes wrong.
A commercial marine insurance policy offers cover for=

  • Physical damage to the vessel
  • Liability for bodily injury
  • Damage to personal property of the ship
  • Towing assistance in case your ship is stranded

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A marine insurance policy is important as it safeguards your vessel from various losses or damages that may arise from accident of the vehicle carrying goods or any damages arise during sea transit. Also, if you are planning to visit some unfamiliar or international waters, then it becomes more important to have a marine insurance as without this, you will be all alone to recoup from a wide range of financial risks that may arise during transit. For instance, if due to an accident occurred at sea, there is a complete wreck, you would have to remove the entire damage at your expense, which could end up being highly costly. However, if you have a marine insurance policy, it is feasible to cover losses or damages.
In today’s age, a commercial marine insurance has become the necessity. When there is a comprehensive commercial marine insurance, the question of keeping aside a portion of capital to meet unforeseen situations doesn’t arise as marine insurers would be there to indemnify policyholders against losses or damages.
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