Jewellers Block

Like other retailers and businessmen, a jewellery store also needs the insurance in place to protect its inventory from various perils. Generally speaking, if you are the owner of a jewellery story and sell precious metals and gems and your inventory is valuable, you should purchase jewellers block insurance. This policy makes a lot of sense for those jewelers who worry about the safety of their fine jewellery, supplies, and customer property, while it is in transit.
Other than covering diamonds, gold and other precious items, a jewelers block insurance also includes properties like documents, interior decorations, furniture, fixture, money in transit, electronic equipments, etc.
While buying the jeweller’s block insurance is important, it is good to understand the claim process in order to make the optimum use of it.

Claim Process Under Jeweller’s Block Insurance Policy

In case of a claim, it is essential to follow the below steps to ensure the hassle-free claim settlement=

  • Make sure to inform the jeweller’s block insurance company within 24 hours of the loss
  • In case of theft, burglary, etc.; it is essential to register a police complaint or file an FIR
  • It is essential to give a detailed statement in writing to the insurance company about the loss or damage with an estimate of the actual value of the lost articles and a number of damages
  • Submit duly filled insurance claim form along with relevant documents to the surveyor appointed by jewelers block insurance company

It is essential for the policyholder to keep a daily record of the property (quantity, quality and value) which are kept on the insured premises. Further, such records should be deposited in a secured place at the policyholder’s premises. The record would require being produced as documentary evidence at the time of claim. As the record plays an imperative role at the time of claim, it is advised to maintain the copy of it at a place other than the policyholder’s premises. In this way, you can ensure the safety of your records.
Along with the record, there is a jangad/ any other entrustment slip which should be properly pre-numbered and must also be prepared in duplicate as documentary evidence to be submitted at the time of claim.
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The Jangad Slip should have details like the number, pieces of diamond/jewellery delivered and the carat weight. You can have a separate register in which you can enter the details of the Jangad Slip serially.
If at the time of claim, the jewelers block insurance company finds out that you have to hide material details or there is a non-disclosure of vital information, your claim can be rejected. Further, no claim would be given if changes are made on the premises without informing the insurer.
Once the insurer receives the claim intimation, it appoints a surveyor who visits the site to know the extent of losses or damages. Here, it is essential for the policyholder to allow the authorized representatives of the insurance company to examine the premises and all the account books.
The policyholder should also furnish details related to voucher proof of ownership and other evidence to validate the claim. If required, the jeweller’s block insurance company can also ask for the corroborative evidence of the statements of the policyholder or of its family or insured’s employees in support of the claim. Here, the policyholder would take all the necessary steps in order to trace and recover the lost property.

Our Advice

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