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  • Accidental death and disability covered from day one
  • Medical expenditure resulting from accident covered
  • Coverage for one earning parent available.
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Advantages of Student Personal Accident Insurance

Comprehensive Cover
Student accidental insurance covers accidental death, permanent total and partial disability, temparary disability, OPD medical expenses for accidents and add-ons such as broken bones cover, terrorism.
Parental Coverage
Within group personal accident insurance for students, one earning parent of the student can also get the coverage. In case of the death of the insured parent, full sum insured will be paid to nominee.
Customized Options
Customization of student accident insurance is available to make it possible to fnd the optimal combination of risks covered and price.
Fixed Claim Payment
100% of sum insured will be paid if the insured dies. And in case of diability, a pre-defined amount will be paid. Amount for other add ons like repatriation of remains, funeral expenses are also pre-determined.

Benefits of Student Personal Accident Insurance

Accidental Death Benefit

  • Student personal accidental insurance provides 24*7 worldwide coverage for accidental death, even after school or college hours. The student need not to be in school or college to claim. However, death should not be self-inflicted or a suicide
  • 100% of Sum Insured will be paid to the family of the student in case of death due to accident.
  • In case of the death of the insured parent also, family will get 100% of sum insured or on agreed policy terms.

Accidental Disabilities Covered

  • Two types of disabiility i.e. permanent and partial are covered in student accident insurance. Depending on the nature of the disability a pre-fixed amount will be paid to the insured. Permanent total disability include loss of eye etc. and permanent partial disability includes knee/back injury etc.
  • If the nature of disability is permanent such as loss of limb, full sum insured will be paid by the policy.
  • If the nature of disability is temporary, a pre-defined part of sum insured will be paid.

Medical expenditure

  • Student personal accidental policy helps in providing reimbursement for hospitalization expenses and medical expenses incurred due to accident or injury to a student or the covered parent.
  • In student accidental insurance, medical expenses are payable for both in-patient and out-patient treatments.
  • Documents like claim form, medical papers, X-ray reports, pathology reports etc. are required in order to claim reimbursement.


Student accidental insurance covers accidental death, permanent partial or total disability of the students and parents (if insured). It can also cover out-patient accidental expenses upto a certain limit. Further, several add-ons are available such as vehicle modification allowance, children education grant, broken bones cover, terrorism, etc.
Group personal accident for students does not include suicide, natural death, death or injury due to HIV or any sexually transmitted diseases, self inflicted injuries, due to war and participation in criminal acts or accidents resulting from any breach of law, intoxication, injury due to engagement in an adventure sport or hazardous activity, etc.
Various add-ons coverage like coverage for OPD medical expenses, ambulance charges, funeral expenses, house vehicle modification etc. can be covered under the student accident policy at an affordable price. One earning parent of insured student can also get the coverage by paying just a little more premium. If parents are also covered then in case of their accident, student will get benefit of children education.
No, the accident insurance scheme for students offers 24*7 coverage to them. The policy covers every student at every point from the time policy comes into effect till the time of expiry of the policy. Even if a student meets with an accident after school hours, then also he will get paid depending upon the policy plan decided at the time of commencement of the policy.
In order to make a claim in students personal accidental insurance, complete information such as name, age, gender, address, ID proof along with the death certificate (in case of death), medical bills and medical certificate, post-mortem report, panchnama, dully filled and signed claim form, FIR report, hospitalisation report are required.
A student can claim maximum upto the individual sum insured taken at the time of inception of the policy. In case of disabilities and other add ons, a specific amount will be pre-defined in the policy schedule and claims will be settled maximum upto that amount only. For example, in case of broken bones maximum upto Rs. 5000 will be reimbursed by the policy.
The first step to file a claim is inimation. The policyholder needs to intimate SecureNow about the claim and is required to submit all the necessary documents within specified period of time. Then our experts will follow up with the insurance company in order to get your claim settled and will make the process hassle free for you.
In student accident insurance policy, 100 % of sum insured will get paid in case of death of the student and even permanent total disbalement. In case of diability being temporary, a specific pre-defined amount which got agreed at the time of inception of the policy and is mentioned in policy terms will get paid.
The premium of student accident insurance is determined on the basis of sum insured, group size and claims history of the group, if any. In case of group personal accident for students, risks assosciated with the students plays a major role in premium calculation. Coverages opted is the another factor which increases or decreases the premium amount.
Minimizing the premium of student health insurance is an intricate task. Our experts will help you in choosing the best insurance company and getting the best possible negotiated price as per your benefits requirement and your budget. There are few coverages which do not effect the premium like ambulance charges, addition/deletion of lives etc.
Premium payment under accidental insurance for students can be done through cheque, net banking and NEFT transfer. Once the insurer and coverages that the institution wants to go for are finalized, premium can be paid online. Policy tenure will be of one year and coverage will be effective immediately on realization of payment, if the risk is accepted by the insurer.
Under group personal accident insurance for students, change in premium at the time of renewal depends on various factors such as claim history, increase or decrease in the number of students, change in the sum insured or change in the coverages at the time of renewal etc.
As stated above, student personal accident insurance does not include natural death, suicide, self inflicted injuries, intoxication, death or injury due to HIV or any sexually transmitted diseases. Claims due to war and participation in criminal acts or accidents resulting from any breach of law, while engaging in an adventure sport or hazardous activity, etc are not covered.
No, students or parents (if covered) are not required to go through any medical test because the policy covers death or disability due to accidents which are uncertain and are not related to any member’s pre-existing health conditions. Hence, there is no requirement of pre-policy medical tests irrespective of the pre-medical conditions, when students are enrolled in the group personal accident insurance policy.
Group personal accident for students provides protection to the students from unforseen mishappenings. This insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage such as accidental death cover or disability, cover for medical expenses related to an accident and it is significantly cheaper than an individual personal accident insurance.
Yes, because the risks covered are different in both the policies. Health insurance covers medical treatment costs, particularly hospitalization due to illness. Personal accident covers accidental death and medical expenditure. Under accidental insurance, lump sum payment is made depending upon the type of claim, unlike health insurance where only amount of treatment is paid.

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