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Construction All Risk Insurance Advantage

Construction Activities
Policy is specially designed to give financial protection to civil engineering contractors in the event of an accident to under-construction civil construction. It also covers third party liability that may arise due to accidents at the construction site.
Surrounding Properties
Covers liability that may arise from the damage of owner’s surrounding properties due to ongoing construction activities.
Flexible Premium Payment
Flexibility to pay premium in quarterly or annual installments.
Sum Insured
The policy requires that the sum insured should not be less than the total value of the erected property including freights, custom duty, and cost of construction with minor adjustments that may vary due to increase or decrease of wages or prices at the time of policy purchase.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Faulty Design

Any such claims, where the damage to the construction activity is caused due to faulty design gets rejected. Design Defect extension can be procured to cover specific situations.


Claims against losses or liabilities arising out of penalty, non-adherence to the local laws, environment policies and non –fulfillment of the terms of a contract are not covered.

Use of Defective Material

Claim can be rejected if it is revealed that the reason for the damage of loss of property is due to defective and poor quality material.

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Construction All Risk Insurance covers civil construction projects such as residential and office buildings, hospitals, schools, theatres, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, airports, dams, weirs, irrigation and drainage facilities, canals and ports.
The contractors all risk policy can be taken by the principal, contractor or sub contractor, jointly or separately.
Premium depends on the type of project, Sum Insured and duration of the project, and the voluntary excess opted for by the Insured. The premium can be paid in installments, when the policy period is more than 12 months.
The cover comes into effect from the time of commencement of work or after the unloading of the first consignment at the site, whichever is earlier. It expires on the date specified in the policy or handing of the project to Principal or project being put to use, whichever is earlier.
Different types of Add-ons covers available are:
  • Surrounding property
  • Debris removal expenses
  • Third party liability
  • Escalation costs up to 50%
  • Air freight & express freight
  • Extended maintenance
  • Additional custom duty
Deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses on a claim. You can reduce your premium by choosing higher deductibles.

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