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  • Cover pre-existing diseases from day one.
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  • Get coverage for internal congenital diseases.
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Advantages of Group Health Insurance for Students

Comprehensive Cover
Group mediclaim policy for students offers coverage for pre-existing diseases, no capping on room rent, physiotherapy allowance, hospital cash and many add-ons such as reinstatement of sum insured.
Lower Cost
Cost for student health insurance is substantially lower as compared to a standard mediclaim policy because we negotiate with several insurers to get you the best rates with maximum and unique benefits.
Customised Cover
You can customise the cover from a wide range of options as per your requirement and budget. For instance, you can opt to cover treatments other than allopathic.
Guaranteed Issue
All students are guaranteed cover under this group health plan, even if they have any prior medical conditions or disease since birth. No medical test is required before issuing the policy.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance for Students

Pre-existing Diseases Covered From Day 1

  • Group mediclaim policy for students covers pre-existing diseases from day one. Even if a student is suffering from any disease or has a prior claim history they will be covered without any diclosure requirement.
  • No medical check ups are required prior to buying the policy, including to provide cover for students with a medical history.
  • Students with chronic ailments such as diabetes or asthma will also get covered.

No Waiting Period And Sublimits

  • The standard waiting period of 1 to 4 years for surgeries such as joint replacement, cyst is waived off from the policy. All diseases can be covered from day one of the commencement of the policy.
  • 30 days waiting period is removed and all diseases will be covered from day one.
  • Sub-limits on specific diseases can be removed to allow full indemnity in student mediclaim insurance.

Wider Coverage

  • The students' health insurance policy covers unique benefits such as hospitalization cash, physiotherapy allowance, reinstatement of sum insured and internal congenital diseases.
  • Treatment other than allopathic such as Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Unani are also covered.
  • Standard medical exclusions such as for internal congenital diseases can also be included in the policy.


Group mediclaim insurance policy for students covers hospitalization expenses such as room charges, nursing charges, medical equipments & appliances cost, medicine cost for students. Policy can be customized to add hospitalization cash, physiotherapy therapy allowance, higher room rent limits, waiver of waiting periods, no disease wise sublimits.
Room rent capping under group mediclaim insurance for students means the percentage of the Sum Insured that insurer will pay in case of hospitalisation. This percentage is decided at the time of commencement of the policy as different room options are available in hospitals. For example, if a person is opting for a Single AC room, the hospitalization cost will increase. However, in case of shared room it will decrease.
Physiotherapy is a treatment used to cure injury, deformity or diseases by physical methods such as heat treatment, massage, exercise etc. without using drugs or surgeries. It helps in curing problems of joints, muscles or nerves. Under student's health policy, students gets this as a benefit upto a certain amount and can claim if they have to undergo this treatment.
A pre-existing disease is the condition or ailment for which patient has already received medical advice or treatment befor the commencement of the policy or getting himself enrolled in the policy. For example, diabetes, asthama, cancer etc. It is adviced to take pre-existing cover at the time of taking policy for students.
Under cashless, you do not have to pay any medical costs, the amount will be paid by insurance company directly to the hospital. Cashless facility is available only at the network hospitals of the insurance companies. Under reimbursement claims, you have to pay the medical cost first to the hospital and afterwards can get the cost reimbursed from insurance company. If you are getting yourself treated in a non-network hospital, then you have to go through reimbusement process.
We make the claim filing process easier for you. The first step is to intimate us about the claim 72 hours prior to pre-planned hospitalization. In case of emergency, you need to intimate us withing 24 hours of hospitalization and need to submit all the required documents along with the duly signed proposal form. After submission of complete documents, we will follow up with insurance company and get the claim settled.
As stated above, in case of treatment being done at a non-network hospital insurance company will reimburse the expenses. You need to submit the bill to the hospital and afterwards can get the reimbursement done. In order to get the reimbursement you would need to submit the complete documents along and after submission of all the documents, insurance company typically takes 30 days to review the documents and transfer the claim amount.
Reimbursement is not provided beyond the sum insured specified in the group mediclaim insurance for students . In case of claim amount exceeding sum insured, reimbursement or cashless will be approved maximum upto sum insured.
Premium of student's group health insurance is based on several factors including size of group, type of coverage and benefits opted, and the claim history of the policy. As every factor can result in change of overall policy premium rates, hence all the factors are deeply analysed by our experts along with client's requirement to choose the appropriate plan.
You can minimize cost of student group health insurance through better negotiation, choosing covers efficiently and going the best insurer in the market. Our team of experts will help you getting the best possible price by negotitaing with the client & choosing the best suitable plan based on your budget and requirements. There are few coverages which do not effect the policy premium like ambulance charges, addition/deletion of students, etc.
At the time of renewal, premium gets affected by the amount of claims paid by insurance company and the amount of premium paid by client. If the claims are higher than premium paid than there are chances of increase in the premium amount. Our team of experts will help you in getting the best possible negotiated price with best suitable benefit structure from insurance companies.
Payment can be through cheque or net banking after finalising the insurer and benefit structure you want to close the deal with. Policy period of student's group mediclaim policy will be of one year and premium needs to be paid for the entire year at once. At the time of renewal of the policy, premium calculation will be done on the basis of claim history, increase/decrease in number of students.
Students group health insurance plan covers all the pre-exisiting diseases from day 1. For instance, an ongoing chemotheraphy of a cancer patient will be paid for all the sessions of chemo immediately. Important point to note here is that insurance company will only pay upto the sum insured alloted to a student in the group insurance bought by the educational institution.
While buying group health insurance policy for students, institution select the specific plan. Individual institutes may customize the benefits for group insurance plans. Tenure of the plan is of one year and premiums are paid upfront. If a student leaves the school or joins in new, the same is endorsed under the policy by charging or refunding the premium on pro-rata basis.
Group mediclaim insurance for students is beneficial for both, educational institute as well as students. As a part of welfare for students, group health insurance helps the institution to protect their students in case they fall sick or get injured in an accident. It covers medical emergency costs such as hospitalization due to some pre-existing diseases etc.
In our student's group mediclaim insurance pre-existing medical ailments are already covered. So even if a student is suffering from any ailment will get the coverage. However, there is an option to remove the pre-exisiting cover from your plan but, it is not recommended to include it because pre-existing diseases coverage from day 1 is one of the important benefits of group health insurance.

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