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Advantages of Inland Transit Insurance

Marine inland transit insurance will be designed based on the kind of goods, sending limit for each transaction, per location limit required, type of mode used, typical normal losses and transit frequency.
Open Policy
Marine inland transit insurance can be an open declaration policy. An aggregate sum assured is specified for the full year. All transits thereafter are covered with a declaration at the end of each month.
Fast Issuance
Policy issuance is fast. Payment happens through Netbanking or NEFT. Online policy can be issued for immediate coverage. Soft copy of the policy can be used for documentary evidence of transit insurance.
Comprehensive Cover
Inland Transit Clause A could be bought for all risk coverage. Sum Assured could be enhanced by additional 10% to cover incidental expenses in case of loss. Add-ons such as 'loading risks could be bought.

Benefits of Inland Transit Insurance

Wide Range of Risks Covered

  • Domestic Sales and Purchases transits are covered for loss or damage caused due to various risks including fire, lightning strike, sinking of vessel and derailment of the carrying vehicle
  • Loss due to any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading or unloading from vessel could be covered
  • Non-delivery of consignment due to hijacking or mysterious disappearance of the vehicle could also be covered

Damage Due to Third Party Covered

  • Damages caused by surrounding cargo due to leakage, heat or explosion will be covered. This may occur due to insufficient space or improper handling of the cargo.
  • Losses caused due to the negligence of the transporter such as overloading, wrong allocation, and untrained driver, could be covered
  • Accident of the cargo carrying vehicle due to third party leading to either partial or total loss of the consignment is covered

Flexible Plan

  • Single marine open policy could cover multiple transits such as sales, purchases, sales returns, inter-warehouse transfers and job work
  • We can structure an arrangement to maintain a CD balance with the insurer, and issue a portal. Clients can issue individual specific transit policies directly from the portal for all their India transits
  • We can cover transits from anywhere to anywhere in India, across multiple dispatch locations of the client


Generally, there are three types of inland transit clauses covered namely: Inland Transit Clause (C), Inland Transit Clause (B), and Inland Transit Clause (A). ITC (A) offers the widest form of cover under inland transit insurance because of the perils covered.
There are various add-ons available under this policy, which can be included by paying extra premium. Some of these extensions are removal of debris, custom duty, and damage or loss of cargo due to strike, riot, civil commotion, and terrorism.
All kinds goods can be covered under domestic transit insurance whether it is a raw material, work in progress or a finished good. However, the premium charged for the specific type of good will be at the discretion of the insurance company. For example, most of the insurance companies don't prefer to cover coal as it is a high risk good. Insurers who choose to cover coal or any such high risk item, will also charge a high premium in the marine declaration insurance.
Marine inland transit policy generally excludes damage due to ordinary leakage, wear and tear of cargo, improper packaging and any delay caused in shipping. Any willful misconduct and illegal activities are also excluded from the policy.
In case of claim, you should immediately intimate us in case of a damage to the cargo, and provide nature and extent of the loss or damage to the goods. Insurer will appoint a surveyor for the inspection of loss. Our team will work with you to submit all necessary documents required by insurance company during the entire process.
Yes, your inland insurance policy will pay for the partial loss of goods. Let's assume, you are a robot manufacturer and cost of a single robot is Rs 20 Lakhs. If during a transit within India there was an accident. And later during the claim analysis, it is found that the damage is just in the arm of the robot and the entire structure is functional, then the insurance company will still pay the claim, either for the repair or replacement cost of the arm.
The documents such as original insurance policy or certificate, copy of billing lading, survey report or missing certificate, original invoice and packing list together with shipping specification or weight notes, copies of correspondence exchanged with the carriers or bailees and claim bill should be submitted.
In order to ensure claim settlement, you should provide correct information in the claim form, because major reason for claim denial is inaccurate information. It is also very important to intimate the insurance company or us as soon as the claim occurs for the timely appointment of surveyor. Further, you have to make sure all the supporting documents required by insurance company are submitted.
The premium rate of inland transit insurance generally depends on various risks associated with the business. While calculating premium, some factors like nature of cargo, type of packaging, scope of cover, and mode of conveyance are considered. Past claim experience also plays a major role during premium calculation.
Premium calculation or discounting will be purely based on the type and value of the consignment sent. Although, if you have regular consignments to send then it is recommended to go for an open marine insurance instead of buying single transit insurance for every consignment. Open marine policy will be highly effective both in terms of managing the insurance for your domestic sales & domestic purchase and also in terms of premium.
In inland transit policy, loss due to terrorism is usually not covered. But you can include this as an extension under the SRCC clause. Our risk managers will make sure that you include all the necessary add-on covers so that you can get holistic protection.
Yes. Risk perception for each consignment varies by insurer. It is recommended to take quotes from multiple insurers for efficient price discovery. SecureNow will provide you a benchmark price for the inland transit policy. This benchmark is a fair price that is discovered after several rounds of negotiations with insurers.
Yes, loss occurred while loading or unloading of the goods from the vehicle or vessel can be covered in inland transit insurance. This is an add on cover which we advise our clients to cover to make sure the entire cycle of transit is covered starting from loading of goods in their facility until the unloading of goods at the final location.
A bill of lading is the contract between shipowner and shipper, summarizing the liability of carrier. It also serves as a document to acknowledge the receipt of cargo or shipment. A completed bill of lading shows that the carrier has received the cargo as described and is obligated to deliver that in good condition to the consignee.
This is the maximum anticipated value of cargo during a single transit at any given point of time. It is important to keep the per sending limit on a higher side keeping inline to your business needs. This limit will have an impact on the premium calculation and aswell as the claim settlement, so it is advisable to take help of our in-house insurance experts for deciding the appropriate limits.
There are two major types of inland cargo insurance policy:
  • Open Policy: This policy is designed to cover all the inland cargo consignment transported for period of 12 months, This policy is suitable for insured with numerous transactions throughout the year.
  • Specific Policy: This policy is issued for any specified transit. Once the transit is completed and goods are delivered at place of destination, policy is terminated.


For what Duration Inland Transit Insurance Clauses apply?

Here are guidelines which are attached with the duration of the marine inland transit insurance clause –

Clause (A) and (B)

The insurance becomes valid from the time the goods leave the warehouse or place of storage as mentioned in the inland transit insurance policy document, and it is terminated either....
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What is increased value clause in marine inland transit insurance?

The traditional marine insurance policy used to cover for only the market value of the ship commonly referred to as ‘Shipowner’s Interest. However, apart from the market value of the vessel, there are other additional costs to be covered like sundries for the ship replacement, buying an equivalent new ship....
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What is a Cargo Insurance Policy?

The cargo insurance policy is specially designed insurance cover for goods in transit. It offers coverage to freight against all types of losses or damages from external causes during transportation whether by land, sea, or rail.

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