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Term Life & Keyman Insurance Advantage

Get maximum cover on term insurance at a low premium rate.
Easy Documentation
Hassle free documentation process for issuance as well as claims.
Customizable Plan
Enhance cover by including critical illness rider, accident cover.
Immune To Inflation
Can take increasing sum assured cover to account for rising incomes.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Incorrect Job Description

Exact job nature needs to be disclosed at the time of policy issuance. Insurers consider travelers to sanctioned countries, or staff engaged in off-shore work, as high risk. Non-disclosure could lead to claim rejection.

Undisclosed Medical History

Pre-existing ailments if not disclosed at the time of issuance can lead to claim rejection. Quantum of consumption of alcohol and tobacco needs to be disclosed as well. However, the insurance can be structured such that disclosures are not needed.

Policy Lapse

Non-timely renewal payment will lead to policy lapse. Insured should ensure premiums are paid within due date or at most within the grace period offered after the due date.

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We have specialized underwriters and tie-ups with international experts.


We work with all insurers to get you the best options- both in terms of price and features.

Quick Turnaround

Cover notes are issued within hours of request. This documentation is sufficient for any contractual requirement.

Strong Claim

We manage all aspects of your claim - from preparing documentation to follow-up with the insurer.

Value Added

We will advice you on risk management best practices.

Policy Administration
System (PAM)

See all your contracts renewal information in one place. Place service requests on PAM.


Term insurance policies are protection plans. In the event of death of the insured, nominee receives the sum assured. A term insurance unlike a LIC Policy, ULIP or Endowment plan, does not have any maturity value.
Term life insurance plans provide a protection cushion to one’s dependents. In case of death of the main bread-earner, family suffers a loss of income and at times is left with large liabilities such as home loan and children education. The basic purpose of a term policy is to provide financial security for the applicant and his/her family.
Premium paid to purchase term life insurance is deductible under section 80C. Further, all maturity proceeds are exempt from income tax under section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.
The term policy holder can include additional benefits aside from death benefit. Riders include critical illness rider, accidental death benefit, and permanent total disability.
In life insurance, premiums are fixed for the term of the policy. Premiums are lower at a young age. Taking a long term life insurance ensures that low premiums get locked for the term of the policy.
Yes, the premium amount is lower for young and healthy individuals in comparison to older policy seekers. Premium also varies based on smoking status of the individual.
The mode of payment is flexible and as per convenience the policy holder. He or she can choose to pay yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly.

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