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Senior Citizen Insurance Features

Lifelong Renewability
We select insurances that are renewable as long as you live. The insurance will be renewed even if you make a claim. Also, your premiums will not be increased just because you made a claim.
Cashless Treatment
The insurances offer cashless treatment in a large network of hospitals. Your medical bills will generally be settled directly by the insurer if you go to one of the network hospitals. This is particularly useful in emergencies when you may not have cash readily available. If for some reason your cashless payment is not approved then your bills can still be claimed through the reimbursement process.
Tax Benefit
You can avail tax deduction under Section 80 D for the premiums paid for senior citizen health insurance. Since you will renew the insurance every year this one purchase can be used for claiming tax benefits year after year.
Cover even if you suffer from pre-existing health conditions
Many senior citizens suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes. People suffering from these can also be insured through carefully chosen health insurances.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Non-disclosure of material facts

Claims can be denied if you hide important medical information. Non-disclosure could be because of an inadvertent omission of information or a deliberate omission to save on premiums. Increasingly the law requires insurers to reject claims only if the non-disclosures are related to the treatment for which a claim is made. However, in the case of chronic conditions, insurers can justifiably say that they may not have issued the insurance if they had complete information. We prevent this by making sure all conditions are properly recorded or recommending products that expressly cover pre-existing conditions.

Disease waiting period

This is the time for which specific diseases are not covered. Generally, these are planned treatments such as joint replacement, benign cyst removal or cataract. So, insurance will not cover you for these treatments until a certain reasonable time has elapsed.

Room rent restrictions

This is the primary reason why claim payments are lesser than the hospital costs. If you are hospitalized in a room that costs more than the limit set in your insurance then any claim made is reduced in the proportion that you exceeded the room rent limit. We address this by identifying products that allow hospitalization in a single room without restrictions.

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With an increased instance of lifestyle diseases and rising health costs, being a senior citizen, you must be worried about your health in future. Taking senior citizen health insurance will not only cover the treatment of various health diseases but will also provide benefits like cashless hospitalization, lifelong renewability and hassle-free claim settlement.
As the name suggests, this plan is meant for senior citizen only. So, if policy holder wants, he can cover his spouse but he cannot cover his children.
Under section 80D of the income tax act, tax deductions are applicable to individual holding a senior citizen health insurance plan.
There are numerous benefits of availing senior citizen health insurance like enjoying cashless treatment, lifelong renewability, avail health checkups annually and domiciliary Hospitalization cover.
While buying Senior Citizen health insurance plan, one must keep in mind parameters like waiting period of existing illness, co-payments, renewability age, domiciliary treatment option, medical check-up requirement.
A health card is a card that comes along with the Health Policy. It is like an Identity card. This card would entitle you to avail cashless hospitalization facility at any of the network hospitals of the insurer.

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