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Advantages of Motor Insurance
Comprehensive cover

Car insurance offers comprehensive coverage to vehicle against damage due to accident, theft, fire, vandalism, and natural calamities. Third party legal liability arising from the vehicle is also covered by the policy.

No-Claim Bonus

Motor insurance offers exciting discounts on renewal premium amount following every claim free year, hence saving premium amount by up to 50%. NCB benefit can be transferred if in case you change your vehicle.

Zero Depreciation

Vehicle insurance offers zero depreciation cover wherein your vehicle will be covered to full value without factoring in the depreciation. This means you will get the full amount on your claim.

Personal Accident Cover

The policy covers the owner against accident while driving the insured vehicle by indemnifying the medical treatment cost. Passengers, paid driver and other occupants can also be covered under the policy.

Benefits of Motor Insurance

Damage to Vehicle Cover

  • Motor insurance covers damage to the vehicle due to fire, explosion, self-ignition and other natural calamities such as an earthquake, flood, landslide and rockslide.
  • Damage to the vehicle caused by collision due to an accident is covered by the policy.
  • Policy will cover loss of vehicle due to burglary, theft or housebreaking. Loss due to riot and strikes can also be covered.

Third Party Liability Cover

  • Legal liability arising from the third party bodily injury or death resulting from an accident is covered by the vehicle insurance. This third party can be a driver of another vehicle, passengers or pedestrians.
  • The policy also covers the liability arising from the accidental damage to the surrounding property caused by your vehicle.
  • It is legally mandatory to cover all vehicles running on-road by third party car insurance.

Cashless Claims

  • Car insurance policy offers cashless claims facility in which you can repair your damaged vehicle using a network garage without paying the repair cost out of your pocket.
  • Several vehicle insurance companies offer the cashless facility at more than 4000 garages across the country.
  • This facility protects you from financial strain since the insurer directly handles the expenses.


A comprehensive car insurance policy offers a wide range of coverage against damage to the insured vehicle due to an accident, all legal liability arising from third-party bodily injury and property damage resulting from an accident in which the insured vehicle is involved, theft of vehicle, and personal accident cover.
Insured declared value or IDV refers to the sum insured of motor insurance. This is the maximum amount of compensation which the insurer will provide in case of total loss or theft of a vehicle. IDV is calculated by the manufacturer's listed selling price minus depreciation percentage of the vehicle over its years of age. This depreciation value ranges from 5% to 50% for a span of 5 years. Post 5th year, the IDV is calculated by mutual agreement between the insurer and the insured.
No-claim bonus (NCB) is the reward given by the insurance company in terms of discount in premium for every claim free year. That means if the policyholder has not filed a claim during the motor insurance tenure, then he will be eligible for the NCB. Generally, this discount ranges from 20% to 50% on policy premium.
There are many additional extensions available such as personal accident rider, car accessories cover, engine protection, roadside assistance, personal baggage cover, conveyance benefit and NCB protection. You can customise your policy by including these additional coverages.
The exclusions under the vehicle insurance include loss or damage to the vehicle due to war, gradual wear and tear of the vehicle, and damage to the engine in case of oil leakage. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, damage to the vehicle due to illegal activities and driving without a valid driving license are also excluded from the policy.


What is covered under Motor Fleet Insurance?

Motor Fleet Insurance Policy will cover the following:

Fleet insurance provides the benefit of covering all vehicles under one policy. Loss or damage to vehicles by fire, accidents, burglary, natural calamities, and other unexpected causes Third party injury or death & damage caused to property...

    What is not included in your Motor Fleet Insurance Policy?

    There are many limitations to your standard motor fleet insurance policy. You should not think that a motor fleet insurance policy means zero-expenditure. Even a comprehensive insurance policy does not mean zero out-of-pocket expenditure.

    Certain conditions when your motor fleet insurance papers will not help you. Wear and tear on your vehicles...

      How is Claim Estimated in General Insurance Policies?

      Claims are estimated based on the:

      • Terms decided at the beginning of the policy
      • The type of policy
      • The type of asset insured
      • The Assessors Report
      • All claim payments under general insurance policies will also account for applicable deductible and co-payment clauses before paying the claim amount.
      • Here is how claim is estimated in different general insurance policies...

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