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Advantages of Group Health Insurance for Workers
Comprehensive Cover

The group health insurance plans that we provide offer pre- & post- hospitalisation expenses. Prior medical checkups are not needed, waiting periods are waived off, and COVID-19 is covered in these.

Low Cost

These policies offer affordable premiums for workers including contract workers, temporary employees and Management Trainees, at significantly lower costs than individual health insurance policies.

Customized cover

Your cover can easily be customized by us as per the budget available and your actual requirements. Finalise your selection from the multiple options that we offer, for sums insured and co-payment.

Universally Accepted

The Workers Health Insurance policies offered by us meet the mandatory requirements as required by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Govt.of India) circular no. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A), dated 15th April 2020.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance for Workers

Pre-Existing Disease Cover from Day 1

  • Workers' Mandatory Health Insurance policies can cover pre-existing diseases immediately, i.e. from the commencement date of the policy, to help with your workers' treatments
  • Cover is available for members suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension
  • No prior medical check ups are required for obtaining coverage for a group

Comprehensive Cover

  • A Workers Mandatory Health Insurance policy offers maternity benefits for normal & caesarean deliveries - these and other benefits can be confirmed before buying the policy
  • This policy can provide cover for COVID-19 as well (after an initial waiting period of 15 days)
  • Day-care treatments and pre- & post-hospitalisation expenses are covered

No Disease Wise Limits

  • The standard waiting period of 1 to 4 years for diseases can be removed. All treatments (except in the first 15 days for COVID-19) can be covered after the premium is paid
  • The co-pay requirement on treatments can be removed and full indemnity coverage can be built in
  • There are no sublimits that operate on the covers for specific diseases


This policy covers the hospitalisation expenses for treatment taken in a government or private hospital, doctors' fees, ICU expenses, day-care treatments, pre- & post-hospitalization expenses, and maternity expenses. Moreover this policy also offers coverage for COVID-19 treatment.
The list of standard exclusions for Workers' Mandatory Health Insurance varies from insurer to insurer. Generally the list includes Mediapersons, Doctors & Lawyers.
A co-pay is the percentage share of the claim that is to be borne by the insured, as per the policy. For a Workers Mandatory Health Insurance policy, a co-pay option can be chosen as per the requirements and budgets. Co-pay options are available from 0 to 50% on the basis of the number of lives.
Room rent capping indicates the maximum daily room charges payable in the policy. Room rent also includes nursing and RMO charges. In the Workers' GHI policy, the room rent is generally capped between 1-2% of sum assured for normal room & 2-4% for ICU, per day.


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