Employee Gratuity Policy

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Group Gratuity Insurance Advantage

Long Term Investment And Market Linked Returns
Investment of gratuity fund in unit linked investment portfolio will reduce business costs. A good plan will help you reward your employees well without a financial impact on your business.
Comprehensive Cover
Group Gratuity Schemes pay gratuity benefits and can also provide a death benefit for employees.
Extends Tax Relief To The Employer & Employee
The annual gratuity contribution by an employer is treated as expenditure while calculating tax; Income from gratuity is exempted from tax up to the limit specified and subject to conditions under section 10(10).
Fast Claim Settlement
Easy and prompt claim settlement without any hassle.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Misrepresentation of facts

Under a group gratuity policy, it is necessary that the employer provide accurate and complete information about the policy holder. In case of any fraud or misrepresentation of facts, the claims will be rejected.

Non-timely renewal

If your insurance is not renewed on time then claims filed after the renewal date are denied. We ensure renewal in time by sending reminders and following up.

Lack of appropriate paperwork

For insurance you need to demonstrate that the person died while an employee. For gratuity you should be able to prove that a person was eligible and had worked for over 5 years in the company.

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Under section 1 of the Payment of Gratuity Act, group gratuity insurance is applied to:
  • Every mine, factory, oilfield, port, plantation & railway corporation.
  • All establishments or shops that has more than 10 employees in the preceding twelve months.
  • The law shall continue to be applied to establishments or shops once the provisions of the Gratuity Act 1972 is applied, even if the strength of workers/employees falls below 10.
Typically, under the following two conditions, an employee can claim gratuity even before the completion of 5 years of service if the employee dies.
Yes, an employee may not receive gratuity under the following scenarios:
The tenure of service is ended or terminated due to disorderly behaviour of the employee.
If the employee is held guilty of engaging in immoral behaviour during the course of employment.
Gratuity policy in India enjoys subscription tax benefit. Contributions to a gratuity policy for employees, are treated as a regular business expense. It helps profitable firms to make regular provisions for future liability of gratuity for employees.
No, despite any kind of loss or problems in business, the employer is liable to pay gratuity to the employees. It is the duty of the employer to pay the gratuity, even if the employee does not remind or apply for the same.
The responsibility to pay gratuity to contractual employees lies with the contractor.
Gratuity is calculated as under:
Gratuity = Last drawn salary x 15/26 x No. of years of service.

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