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Advantages of Cyber Risk Insurance

Comprehensive Cover

Cyber Risk Insurance offers comprehensive protection by covering damage or losses to first party and third party due to events like a system security breach, payment flaw, data fraud and other internet related risks.

Industry Specific

The coverage of Cyber Risk or Cyber Liability policy varies considerably as per industry risks. For instance, coverage for an E-commerce firm or a Financial Services firm will vary as they have more risk of cyber attack potentially causing loss. The Insurance we help you to select factors in the right risk level for you.

Universally Recognised

Cyber Risk Insurance meets your contractual requirements. It is also recognised by international laws, investors, external agencies and multi-national organisations, hence it helps to protect your business internationally.

Easy Documentation

Getting Cyber Risk Insurance or Cyber-Security Insurance is quick and easy. Also, the documentation process for buying the policy is simple. You just need to provide the basic information to get quotes from multiple insurers before buying.

Benefits of Cyber Risk Insurance

Coverage For First Party Loss

  • Cyber Risk insurance policy will compensate you for the losses occurring due to e-theft of money or property such as securities, due to fraudulent input of data for which you are held responsible.
  • The cyber policy protects your organisation from cyber attack, getting infected by ransomware or any other malicious software.
  • Coverage is offered to your company's digital assets if they get lost or altered by cyber criminals.

Third Party Liability Covered

  • Cyber Risk Insurance covers claims made by your customer due to system failures resulting in unauthorised access to their personal information, for which you may be held liable.
  • Claims against infringement of intellectual property, copyright and trademark are also covered.
  • A Cyber Risk or Cyber Liability policy will cover liability, slander, and defamation claims due to your digital media presence.

Coverage for Business Interruption

  • Cyber policy covers the company for the loss of income by business interruption, which may happen due to any software failure or cyber attack causing business disruption.
  • This insurance will also pay for any damage to reputation directly attributable to cyber attack.
  • The policy will also ensure that your company gets access to the resources to avail of back- up and minimise the damage to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Insurance, also known as Cyber Risk liability or Cyber Risk insurance covers a business when it is held liable for the breach of data such as customers' personal information, or financial details of clients if it is stolen by a hacker or any other cyber-criminal. The policy covers expenses associated with data breach like defence costs, fines and penalties.
Yes. Privacy breach costs are covered under the policy. Cyber Risk Insurance will pay for the costs that arise from dealing with a security breach, such as taking appropriate measures and notifying customers. Also, privacy infringement claims and defence cost associated with the same event is also covered by the policy. It is important for a company to handle or store personal information securely to avoid such claims.
Cyber-extortion is a crime in which the company's system is hacked and criminal demands for money are made in return for stopping or averting the attack. The loss due to such an attack to an organisation is covered by Cyber Risk insurance. For instance, you will be compensated if your company is infected with ransomware or any other malware that seizes control over your system or data until you pay money to criminals.
Claims arising out of any fraudulent activity, criminal acts, and wilful violation of any regulatory law are not covered under a Cyber Risk Insurance policy. Moreover, bodily injury, damage to tangible property and death are also excluded from the policy. Also, Cyber Insurance does not cover failure and breakdown of mechanical and electrical equipment.


What are the different types of Losses Covered by Cyber Risk Insurance?

Cyber Risk Insurance covers the losses relating to damage or loss of information from systems and networks. Such policies include significant assistance including management of the incident itself. When one gets such a policy, it is essential to understand if the policy covers only first-party risk or also third-party risks....
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What are the Common Exclusions of Cyber Risk insurance?

The uptake of Cyber insurance policies has grown rapidly due to the constant threat of hacking and cyber-attacks on an organization’s database. It is vital to know what the cyber policy covers while buying a policy and claiming the same. All insurance policies have some or other exclusion and since cyber insurance is relatively....
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What does a cyber insurance policy cover?

A cyber insurance policy also known as the cyber liability insurance or cyber risk insurance coverage helps organisations to mitigate risk by offsetting costs involved with recovery after a cyber-related security breach or similar event takes place.

Most sophisticated organisations can deploy the best cybersecurity protocols....

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