Your Organization Assistant

  • Notify is your organizing assistant. If you have a document to store and a reminder to set, Notify is your solution. It is the transpose of a calendar. You can store important documents such as Insurance, Club Cards, Doctor prescription, Utility bills, Savings certificates, Passport, and Driving License. On set date, you will get a reminder for action.
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Product Advantage

Store Documents
Click a picture of your document and save it on the cloud. Easy restore, even if you lost your phone. Attach PDF files.
Set Reminders
Never miss a task with multiple reminders before set date. Sync reminders with your calendar. Unique intra-day reminders for medicine based on meal timings.
Easy Access
No need to remember password with OTP based authentication. Available on Google Play Store. Intuitive tooltips for first-time users.
24x7 Insurance Support
Chat based query resolution and claims support. Dedicated phone line for claims status. Easy motor renewal through photo quote on chat.
Let Notify Assist You In Organizing Your Insurances, Documents And Time!

To Make HR Processes Simpler And Easy To Manage.

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