Aditya Birla Health Insurance for SecureNow App Users

Buy 10 lacs insurance for 4 members for less than Rs 6000 per person per year:

  • Cashless hospitalization in 5000+ hospitals.
  • Pre-existing diseases covered after one year.
  • Internal congenital diseases covered.
  • No copay and disease-wise capping.
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Advantages of Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plan

Cashless Cover
ABHI's family health insurance plan offers cashless treatment at major leading hospitals in the country. Notify E-cards can be used to avail cashless treatment at hospital's TPA helpdesk
Lower Cost
The special family floater plan is upto 20% cheaper than standard individual health insurance plan. Clients can use this cost savings to avail higher sum assured for hospitalization
Easy To Buy
SecureNow's existing clients and registered users of PAM & Notify can buy this family mediclaim product. Just fill the proposal form. No medical tests needed to avail the health plan
High Sum assured
Our special Aditya Birla family health insurance plan is available for sum assured up to Rs.10 lacs even for people above 45 years of age without any restrictions or copay

Benefits of ABHI-Notify Family Mediclaim Plan

Low Waiting Period

  • Our family mediclaim provides coverage for pre-existing diseases with a waiting period of just one year. This is a substantial benefit as standard family floater insurance has a waiting period of upto 4 years.
  • For specific diseases such as Cataract, Hernia, Hydrocele, waiting period applicable is just 2 years
  • Initial waiting period of 30 days is waived for emergency accidental hospitalization cases

No Co-pay or Cappings

  • There is no co-payment in Aditya Birla family mediclaim plan. This special benefit provides full indemnity at the time of claim. Get full claim settlement assurance with no co-pay benefit.
  • This family Mediclaim policy does not put any sub-limit or copay on specific diseases.
  • Specific Diseases such as hernia, knee replacement, and cyst removal all are covered with no sub-limits.

Wider Coverage

  • This family health insurance covers internal congenital disease such as a hole in the heart, which is generally an exclusion in most of the individual plans available in the market.
  • Emergency ambulance charges is covered up to Rs 2,500 per incident. 527 Day care procedures are covered.
  • Single AC room available in case of a hospitalization for sum insured of Rs 5 lakhs and above.


Aditya Birla mediclaim policy covers hospitalization expenses like room rent, internal congenital diseases, road ambulance charges, doctor's fees and other medical expenses incurred during the hospital stay. This health insurance plan provides coverage for pre-existing conditions after one year of the policy commencement. 
Standard exclusions include self inflicted injuries, intoxication, any injuries or other medical issues due to war and criminal acts or while engaging in an adventure sport or hazardous activity, any medical issues due to pregnancy including childbirth, miscarriage, abortion or complications arising therefrom etc.
In Aditya Birla Health insurance plan, the sum assured upto 3 lacs assumes rent restrictions for shared room. For sum insured of Rs 5 lacs and above, you can opt for single standard AC room. Aditya Birla Health plan provides broader coverage in order to ensure a sense of security by mitigating the risk of expensive health care cost.
Aditya Birla Health plan does not assume any co-payment. Insurer is liable to pay the full settlement amount. There is no disease wise capping involved in this family mediclaim plan. These special benefits make this plan a must-have family health insurance plan. Insured does not have to worry about settlement amount as insurer is accountable for medical care costs.
For a reimbursement claim, you are required to submit duly filled claim form, KYC documents like Photo ID or Age proof, original discharge card, original hospital bill, all original medical reports, diagnosis reports and receipts or bills. You can contact SecureNow for more information or guidance regarding any claim related query.
The process to file a claim under this insurance starts from intimation of claim within 72 hours prior to pre-planned treatment. For emergency hospitalization the intimation should be done within 24 hours of hospitalization. You can intimate team Securenow about the claim and submit all the required documents along with the duly signed claim form within the specified time. There after, we will follow up with Aditya Birla to get your claims get passed.
You can avail the claim either way. To avail cashless claims, you have to go through Aditya Birla's cashless network of hospitals. Otherwise, your claim will be settled on reimbursement basis. You can get hassle free cashless hospitalization from the wide range of network hospitals. You can access the list of cashless hospitals from the hospital locator feature present in our Notify App and website.
The claim settlement ratio of Aditya Birla Health insurance is 96%, evidence that Aditya Birla is renowned for its strong claim settlement process. SecureNow also provides strong claim support to its client with our dedicated servicing team which solves all your queries related to the claim settlement process. We provide consistent assistance during the claim settlement process.
Premium rates are pre-negotiated for SecureNow's Notify and PAM users. Premium will be calculated based on your and your family's age and sum insured selected. Our premium rates are highly competitive compared to various products available in the market. We provide the best in terms of competitive pricing, ease of claim settlement and overall services.
Yes, you can cite the premium paid for this special plan for claiming tax exemption under Income Tax's Section 80D. The premium certificate will be provided for your IT filings. Aditya Birla Health Plan offers cost saving and wider coverage than other plans, which makes it a must-have health insurance plan 
Our special health insurance product with Aditya Birla provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable premium. Additionally, internal congenital diseases is also covered. No medical test is required for policy issuance. Highly cost effective premium rates and better benefits makes this policy a truly superior plan.
As Aditya Birla Health insurance plan is specially offered to SecureNow’s existing clients and Notify users, the premium amount will get affected by any claims being made by the whole group of policy holders. The premium might increase or decrease depending upon the claim settlement amount. If the claim settlement amount is minimal then there are high chances of the premium amount remaining the same.
An individual who is a registered user of our app 'Notify' (available on both Android and iOS), or is our existing client, can buy this health insurance policy. The policy tenure is of one year. SecureNow provides this special benefit for its existing customer base and Notify users to assure them of risk mitigation by covering uncertain hospital bills, rising medical costs etc.
The minimum age of entry is 18 years and maximum age of entry is 60 years. Family definition in this plan can be Self, Self+spouse, Self+spouse+one child or Self+spouse+2 children. Aditya Birla Health plan does not require you to go for medical check-ups at any age so the policy issuance process is hassle-free.
Yes, because the purpose and usage of both the policies are different. In terms of coverage, your company's health policy will offer a limited sum insured but in the Aditya Birla Health policy you can opt for a higher sum insured upto Rs 10 lakhs to provide a wider protection for yourself and your family. The Aditya Birla Health Plan provides an additional cover to your existing plan to cover hospitalization expenses over and above your existing health insurance plan.
The renewal premium amount is affected by various factors such as claim settlement history, age band and tax rates. The premium amount remains the same if no claims are raised by the whole group and tax rates and the age band of the eldest member of the family remain the same. The Aditya Birla Health plan provides competitive pricing and ensures lowest cost in the best way possible.  

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