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Published in Unison Times
SecureNow Insurance Broker in association with FICCI-CMSME, organized a workshop on Risk Management on the February 22, 2017 at FICCI House, New Delhi. FICCI is a highly regarded industry body in India and its CMSME chapter focuses on small and medium enterprises. The purpose of organizing the workshop was to provide a platform for promoters & department heads from companies to interact with experienced underwriters from insurance companies to discuss best practices on managing risk. The workshop was attended by around 50 participants from the manufacturing industry. The workshop was initiated by SecureNow as we provided a broad perspective on risk. Other session leaders were senior underwriters from various lines of businesses. The sessions were made interactive, and the discussions were around the current and emerging issues associated with risk management and insurances to safeguard against these uncertainties. The areas covered were property, marine, liability and employee benefit insurances.
The presentations were followed by lunch, and a chance for the participants to interact one on one with SecureNow and representatives from the insurance companies. The content of the workshop, and the networking opportunity that it provided were well appreciated by FICCI, the insurers & the attendees.
What was the event about?
The focus of the event was on the role that insurance could play in mitigating risk. The key takeaways and points that were addressed were as follows:

  • Mitigate Risks that Manufacturing Companies Face
  • Address Risks to your Manufacturing Plant through Property Insurance
  • Manage Transportation Risks through Marine Insurance
  • Curtail Litigation Risks through Liability Insurance
  • Deliver Employee Benefits through Group Health and others Insurances