Group Health Insurance

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In India, almost all well-established corporates have a group health insurance policy for their employees. With more than 20 group medical insurance providers in the market, choosing the best group mediclaim policy in India can be daunting. That being said, if you keep a few key aspects in mind, you can actually choose the right group health insurer quite easily.

Things to consider when buying group insurance

Coverage offered 

Look for companies that offer a comprehensive scope of coverage in their policies as an inbuilt benefit. Then, consider the available riders and assess whether these would provide any value-addition, in terms of coverage, to your members. Choose a group medical insurer that offers the best combination of coverage benefits, both inbuilt and optional, in employee insurance schemes.

Premium charged

When comparing the premium rates of group health insurance companies do not ignore coverage benefits. Instead, compare premiums vis-à-vis the coverage offered. This will help you choose a company that provides the most competitive premium without compromising on coverage.

Network of cashless hospitals

For employees to avail of cashless hospitalization, there must be adequate network of hospitals to choose from. An insurer with an extensive network of cashless hospitals is better equipped to handle your members’ claims easily and speedily. So, pick a company that has a widespread network of cashless hospitals throughout India.


Most good health insurers will issue e-cards rather than physical cards. The most progressive ones will issue these cards on an app. The advantage of the app is that for hospitalization, you can show the e-card on your phone. You may lose your physical cards but will generally have your phone.

Service offered

To assess the quality of service the insurance company offers, ascertain their service standards. One important service aspect is how speedily and accurately the insurer makes endorsements such as change of name, correction of address, etc. The right insurer would have a track record of speedy resolutions and efficient service, both when you buy the policy as well as at renewals or when settling claims.

Claims ratio

An insurer’s claim settlement ratio shows what percentage of claims made in a financial year it settled. The higher the ratio, the better the chances of getting your claims settled easily.

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When you consider these factors and weigh your options, you will be able to pick the right insurer for your group’s health insurance policy.