Doctors Professional Indemnity

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Who are covered under Doctor’s Professional Indemnity (DPI) policy?

A Doctor’s Professional Indemnity (DPI) insurance policy covers medical professionals against liabilities arising out of unintended professional mistakes. Doctors are held in high regard as they save lives. However, they may make unintentional mistakes while treating patients.

Such mistakes may lead to costly lawsuits. So, the DPI policy covers legal expenses for fighting cases and paying the compensation that may run into lakhs. Good lawyers charge high fees. The policy thus provides comprehensive coverage to doctors.

Professionals covered under the DPI policy:

The policy covers doctors and specialists, including general physicians, pathologists, anesthetists, surgeons and cardiologists. However, medical professionals need to have a valid registration.


Medical establishments like hospitals, clinics and laboratories can also buy the Doctor’s Professional Indemnity insurance.

The policy will cover costs incurred by the establishment in case a medical professional or a qualified medical assistant makes a mistake or an error.

Unqualified Staff

The policy can also be extended to cover a medical establishment’s unqualified staff like peons and sweepers.


Doctors need to give all details about their practice when buying the insurance. However, if an establishment buys the insurance then it can be on an unnamed basis. This means that the total number of doctors and staff need to be mentioned. There is no need for specific names. In such cases, the insurance will cover litigation on the hospital.

The best combination is for hospitals to buy a medical establishment cover and for individual doctors to buy their own professional indemnity insurance that covers them across hospitals.

The professional indemnity policy provides umbrella coverage to those named in it. This helps medical professionals to work without worrying about possible legal liabilities. It protects them from any professional liability and lawsuit or claim.

Role of SecureNow

SecureNow provides an excellent Doctors’ PI policy with best-in-class features at an unmatchable price. It is available for various types of hospitals and covers General Physicians as well as specialists like Radiologists, Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Surgeons and Dentists.