Group Personal Accident

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Although all kinds of organizations should include the risk of injury to their workers and employees, it is usually the ones with higher chances of an accident at the workplace, who must consider buying a Group Personal Accident cover.

Depending on the risk their employees are exposed to, the following businesses should consider buying this policy:

  1. High-Risk Organizations:
    1. Mining Business
    2. Oil/Gas Exploration Units
    3. Offshore research/drilling units
  2. Medium Risk Organizations:
    1. Manufacturing Units
    2. Transporters
  3. Low-Risk Organizations:
    1. Software Development firms
    2. Services firms
    3. Administrative staff in manufacturing organizations

Employees in the manufacturing companies, mining companies, offshore research organizations, transportation companies, etc. are more vulnerable to injuries and accidents due to their risky operations.

Though the higher risk with category one companies causes the premium to be higher, it can be minimized by applying modern safety methods and systems.

Case for Group Personal Accident Cover


The PQR Ltd. is a multinational company with two businesses in India. One of the unit deals with software development, and the other is the coal mining unit. Both the activities are taken care of by the different management and not at all interrelated in any aspect.

The coal mine is in the northeastern part of India and is considered one of the most modern coal mining operation in India. The firm maintains a system of checks and balances to ensure that the workers are safe and are taken care of as soon as possible in case of an accident. The management of the coal unit, though able to maintain a better record of incident less mining operation, has decided to take up a group accident insurance cover to protect the employees and the firm financially if an incident occurs.

The insurance plan has made both the management and the employees happy since both are financially covered for unfortunate events.

On the other hand, the administration of the software development unit has taken the Group Personal Accident cover as a rider to the already running health insurance plan for the employees. The decision wasn’t a difficult one as the corporate can maintain the uniformity of benefits across the operations at a minimal cost.