The medical profession is a highly specialised profession where doctors and medical professionals deal with complex medical situations. In these cases they work hard to tender the best possible medical care, based on their experience and knowledge. However, mistakes are human. Even though done unintentionally, doctors often make mistakes in the course of any of their treatments. These mistakes, whether minor or major, can have a large impact on the life of the patient being treated. If the doctor does not discharge their duties properly, the patient might die, become disabled or fall seriously ill. In fact, the risk of mistakes increases with the degree of specialisation of the doctor. There are also some specialities which are quite risky and often get into malpractice claims. These specialities are as follows:

1. Obstetrics or Gynaecology

It has been seen that obstetricians and gynaecologists face the highest number of complaints from patients. A small mistake on the part of such doctors can affect a new life and so these doctors are more prone to misfeasance claim

2. Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery deals with the surgery of the brain and spine both of which are extremely important areas of the human body. A slight mistake can result in permanent damage to the body and so neurosurgeons have a high chance of high malfeasance claims.

3. Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is risky because patients might not get the results which they wanted before undergoing the surgery. In such cases, patients can sue the doctor for ruining their appearance. This makes cosmetic surgery a highly risky speciality where the probability of malfeasance claims would be high.

4. General surgery

General surgery is another domain where doctors constantly face legal suits due to their mistakes or negligence in treatments.

5. Orthopaedics

Orthopaedists have the difficult task of dealing with bones. Bones, especially from sensitive areas like the spinal cord, are a challenge. A small mistake on the part of orthopaedists might have a life-long impact on patients and so orthopaedists too have a high risk of malfeasance claims.

Given the high risk of malfeasance claims which the afore-mentioned specialists can face, a doctor’s professional indemnity insurance policy becomes mandatory. The policy covers the malfeasance claims which doctors face and also pays for the legal defence costs incurred if the doctor is sued. When malpractice insurance policy is bought by doctors independently or by the hospital itself, the above-mentioned doctors have the highest insurance coverage amount because they are likely to face the highest and the most substantial malfeasance claims during the course of their medical practice.