Group Term Life Insurance

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Though life insurers waive individual medical underwriting up to FCL limits, they necessitate that the GTL insurance cover is underwritten subject to the “Active at work” clause.

An employee is actively at work if he/she is:

either actively performing his/her normal occupation or taking leave (other than sick leave) that has been authorized by the employer;

working the normal number of hours required by the contract with the employer, either at normal place of employment or at a location as agreed with the employer or at a location to which he/she is required to travel for business;

mentally and physically capable of performing all the duties normally associated with the job;
and is not acting against medical advice in meeting any requirement of a) to c). For example, if an employee is working when he/she has been assessed by their doctor as not being fit to work will not qualify for active at work.

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As individual medical underwriting is waived off in GTL policy, insurers introduce this clause in the policy to protect them against covering employees who are off-duty due to prevailing serious illnesses and limit coverage only to the employees who are fit and healthy and working normally.

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