Group Health Insurance

To ensure the ‘good health’ of your business, it is necessary to take care of your employees ‘health. By offering a group health insurance policy, you can take care of the rising medical expenses which otherwise could be a major brunt on the finances of your employees.

While, most of the group health insurance policies offer the basic coverage like pre and post medical expense cover, cashless facility, advanced technological surgery coverage, etc.; there are some extra benefits which you can include in your employee health insurance policy.

As said by J W Marriott, “If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers, and your business will take care of itself”, by expanding your group health insurance policy, you can take care of their one of the biggest woes— medical inflation.

So, here are some of the additional benefits which you should include in your employee health insurance policy-

1. Maternity expenses– Considering the medical inflation rate, the maternity expenses have also reached a new height. When the cost of normal delivery has crossed the mark of Rs 50,000 in private hospitals, you can only feel bad for a lady who would have to spend lakhs of rupees to bring her baby into this world.

It is time to extend your support towards female employees by covering maternity expenses under a group health insurance policy. Though you would have to incur slightly higher premium for providing maternity coverage, it is a good move that you should make towards your female employees.  It will also help male employees as they will be able to avail the benefits for their pregnant wives.

2. Critical Illness Cover– Did you know, cancer killed 7.8 Lakh people in 2018? Our lifestyle today is itself the reason behind critical ailments like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, paralysis, etc. The sad part is that even youngsters are suffering from such ailments. In a country like India, where one visit to the doctor can disturb your monthly budget, think about the budget of that family who has to deal with critical ailment expenses as well.

The treatment cost of cancer can easily go above Rs 5 lakh or Rs 10 lakh. The situation becomes worse if the breadwinner is diagnosed with a critical ailment and loses the earning capacity. Along with the medical expenses, now the family has to think about ways to deal with household expenses also.

Along with covering medical expenses of common ailments, it would be good if you start covering the total cost of critical ailment along with covering the loss of income. It means, if God forbid, one of your employees is diagnosed with cancer, your employee health insurance should not only cover medical expenses, but also make a lump sum payment to cover the loss of income in case the disease forces him/her to leave the job.

Just imagine the plight of a person who is diagnosed with cancer! Though you can’t reverse his medical condition; your financial help will go a long way in helping him/her fight these critical ailments.

3. Employees’ Parents– You might be offering a group health insurance to your employees, now it’s time to take care of their families as well. In most of the situations, health insurance companies either charge a high premium to cover senior citizens or refuse to give them a policy. Usually, diseases increase with age, and therefore, you can help your employees by covering health expenses of their parents as well.

Though all the above coverages will require paying extra premiums; it will surely make you an employee-friendly company. If you are worried about the cost, you can introduce the feature of co-payment and deductibles in an employee health policy, which will ensure that your employees also bear some portion of the claim. It will also deter them from filing small claims.

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