Group Health Insurance

As a business owner, an employer carries an obligation towards the safety and security of his employees. It is important to take necessary steps for employee welfare and one of the most popular ways of ensuring financial security to them is by availing a group mediclaim policy.

While availing a group medical insurance, even though one focuses and reviews the background of the insurer and the policy being offered, customization of the policy is not on the priority list of several employers. However, if one opts, one can provide several added benefits to his employees apart from the basic policy provisions already available in any mediclaim policy.

Let’s look at some of the key add-ons that employer can opt for to make a group mediclaim policy the most popular benefit among your employees:


Dependent parents covered up to 80 years of age

  • Most mediclaim policies are available for dependents of the employee aged up to 60 years of age. But, what if an employee has dependent parents who have crossed that age limit? There are more chances of availing a group cover in that age with increased chances of critical illnesses requiring hospitalisation.
  • In a customised cover, the age limit can be increased to at least 80 years of age, thus proving to be one of the key benefits for employees with aged parents.

Long List of Day care Treatments (can range from 10 to 100+)

  • Most day care treatments can be expensive and might involve complicated surgeries like eye surgery, angiography and appendectomy.
  • These are the ones that are often skipped by employees as they do not get necessary cover for the same.
  • An employer can customise the group mediclaim policy by covering more day care treatment costs as per the requirement.

Maternity and baby care

  • The government took the landmark decision of increasing the paid maternity leave for female employees from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. There has been a lot of appreciation for this changed law as it echoes with the sentiments of the valued female employees. But, is the government decision enough to support new mothers? The answer is No.
  • It is also the obligation of the employer to provide sufficient financial support to cover the maternity and baby care expenses. Group mediclaim insurance offers maternity benefits which can cover these expenses. Such support could mean a lot for those male employees as well who are planning to extend their families and would want enough cover to support their spouses through it.

No or reduced capping limit on hospitalisation expenses

  • Expenses such as ICU charges, bed charge etc. can be huge in case of a long-term illness requiring hospitalisation.
  • Normally, there is a cap on these prescribed in the policy but if an employer wishes, he can get it removed to enable employees to avail the best facilities at network hospitals.

Accidental Death Rider

  • An employer can also choose to avail a personal accident cover as a rider to the policy to secure employees in case they meet with any unfortunate mishap leading to partial or total disability and paralysis.

Be Different, Get Preferred

The employer might think that the cover is laid out and what more does an employee want? But, as it is said, “Quality is better than quantity”, the same applies to group insurance policies.

What’s the use of availing a policy that is not customised to suit the needs of the employees? Apart from that, customization of group policies is necessary to provide certain extra provisions which may not be available in the basic policy laid out by the insurer. Choosing special provisions in a group mediclaim insurance will depend on the size and type of organisation, location (multiple or single), preferences of employees etc.

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How to buy this policy?

If you are looking for a group medical insurance policy for your company, SecureNow is the right place to find the right one. By providing some basic details like the number of employees, riders, if required, etc.; you can get group health insurance premium quotes from leading insurers which you can compare within seconds. It means, the entire process of finding and buying the right policy can be done at your ease. 

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