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There are dozens of exercise which you can do at the gym or at your home. But you need not have to try all these exercises on each schedule of your chest day. In this article, we will be telling you top five cheat exercises which will help you in a developing picture perfect chest.
But before we start, first let’s discuss the anatomy of a chest – The chest is made up of two muscles, pectoralis major and minor. The muscles of the chest are short and provide a platform for generating a large amount of force. By doing the following set of exercises, you can target these two muscles of the chest while incorporating triceps and deltoids.
1. Barbell Bench Press:
This exercise is considered as one of the best exercises for developing the chest. It allows to lift most weights and generate most power by lifting. This exercise targets your upper and lower pecs and your anterior deltoids. This exercise is easy to perform at your home or gym. Perform this exercise for the heavy set and lower rep range. Also, avoid jerking weight up using momentum while doing it for better results.
2. Flat Bench Dumbbell Press:
This is again an important exercise to perform because while performing barbell bench press, you were lifting the weight with combined chest muscle. Dumbbell press will allow each side of your body work separately, hence increasing muscle stability. Dumbbells are harder to control and allow the longer range of motion. This exercise also targets your overall chest muscle.
3. Inclined Barbell Press:
This exercise is performed on an inclined bench with a different variation of angles. If you really want to build your upper chest, you should consider performing this exercise. Inclined barbell press targets the clavicular head of pectorial major which is an upper part of your chest. This exercise can be performed with heavy weights and lesser reps to build maximum strength.
4. Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes:
This is the best isolation exercise you can do for your chest. This exercise target sternal head of your pectoralis major muscle, which is the biggest muscle of chest wall and ensures that the blood is pumped in this area. This exercise can be performed with light weights with higher repetition so as to isolate the muscles.
5. Push Ups:
Even if you perform all the above exercises, the chest schedule is not complete without this exercise! Push-ups is considered as one of the best exercises for the chest and the overall body. This exercise targets pectorial muscle, triceps, deltoids and your lats muscles. This is a great finishing exercise after performing all your strength building exercise.