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Whenever we think of hitting the gym or building a body, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is strong, developed arms. This is also because these muscles are easily noticeable as the large focus is on the biceps. Usually, when someone hit the bicep day, the major target is to attain the maximum size of the muscle. Hence it is important to lift heavy weight so that these bicep muscles are pushed really hard and gain that monster size. So if you want to build the massive biceps, you can consider including the following exercises in your workout schedules.
1. Barbell Curl:
Barbell bicep curls is one of the maximum strength building exercise which allows you to lift the heavy weights. While performing this exercise, you should keep your back straight and perform full range of movement of arm. You should fully stretch your arms and while lifting, try to squeeze the biceps. Also, you should perform it slowly and controlled manner hence allowing yourself a high intensity work for the muscle fibres.
2. Hammer Curl:
This is an isolation exercise performed by either standing on floor or sitting on the bench. It isolates the bicep muscles and puts more stress on the muscles, hence it is also called as high-rated bicep curls. This exercise helps to build the brachialis and brachioradialis allowing you to develop additional strength and size. You must perform this set with heavier weight in slow and controlled manner.
3. Inclined Dumbbell Curl:
Inclined dumbbell curl is one of the best exercises to perform for bicep development. This exercise restricts the movement of back while using the momentum of dumbbells to the advantage by stretching the bicep muscle at the end of the movement. While performing this exercise, you can use the moderate weight as it will put your biceps to the maximum tension.
4. Concentration Curls:
The concentration curls are the compound exercise which isolates the biceps muscles. When you perform this exercise, the tension is right on the bicep muscles while working on lateral head of the bicep brachii. It is an explosive exercise as it also helps in building up the mass of the biceps peak.
5. EZ-bar 21s:
The last exercise for the biceps day is EZ-bar bicep curls 21s or commonly known as 21s. This exercise has been performed from ages as it is highly effective bicep builder. Also, 21s are one of the best ways to end the biceps workout as it stimulates the new muscle growth. This exercise is the combination of 3 range of motion with 7 repetitions, hence the name 21s. While performing this exercise, make sure that your back is straight and all the stress is on the biceps muscle.
Now that you know some top-notch exercise, the next time you hit the gym, make sure to include these exercises to carve out the desired details in your biceps. Also, don’t forget to do proper stretching before and after workout. Good Luck!