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The winter season has already started, and when winter comes, roughness and dryness come along with it. These conditions are not only limited to skin, but also your hair gets dry and rough. In this article, we are presenting some tips on how you can protect your hair from harsh, cold weather.

  1. Oil Massage

In winters, the hair and scalp get dry and they need enough moisture and nourishment during the period. Massaging oil on your scalp will keep the moisture intact in your scalp and your hair roots will get more nourishment. This will also increase the blood circulation prompting hair growth and keeping it healthy. You can use variety of oil like- olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil.

  1. Use Shampoo

During winters, it is advised to reduce the frequency of hair wash as it may cause the loss of natural oil created in scalp. But one can shampoo their hair two to three times a week, which will remove the dust and dandruff in the hair. This will result in healthy scalp and hair roots.

  1. Protection from Outside

Whenever you are going outdoors, keep your hair covered. Use hat or scarf and wrap it round your hairs. This will act as a barrier and will protect your hair from dust and the cold winds. This will also help in trapping the moisture of your hair.

  1. Control Water Temperature

Everyone loves to take long hot water bath in winters. But, hot boiling water can damage your hair as it will take out all the natural oil covering from your hair and will make it dry. It is better to use Luke warm water to clean your hair instead of hot water. This will protect your hair from being parched, dry and scaly.

  1. Dry Your Hair

When you wash your hair in winter, it tends to be less in the perfect lane of dryness. You might think it is fine if there is a bit of wetness, but it may be problematic for your hairs. Wet hairs are the root cause of many hair problems. So, make sure to perfectly dry your hairs after hair wash.

Now as you know some tips for your healthy hair, so make sure you implement it daily. By doing these things, your hair will glow and shine even in the coolest winter.