Doctors Professional Indemnity

Medical errors and unintended negligence can ruin a doctor’s professional career. No doctor or surgeon can predict when a patient might be dissatisfied with their treatment, and agitated enough to file a lawsuit. There is however a doctor’s liability insurance that offers mishap cover to doctors, which can come to the rescue. This insurance ticks all the boxes for a medical practitioner who wants to be safe while providing healthcare services. It also assures doctors that they will get the much-needed support in case of any medical negligence cases filed by their patients. 
While several insurance companies offer this type of liability insurance, buying the appropriate product requires considerable research to select the features best suited for oneself. Within this research comes one of the most common questions that many doctors and surgeons ask, which is about the right time in one’s career to buy this policy. 
This is a valid question since most doctors do not have the details of what is required for selecting and buying a professional liability insurance policy. Many think that liability insurance is necessary only for experienced or senior doctors who are well advanced into their careers. However, the fact is, if you are a healthcare professional, we recommend that you buy a doctor’s liability insurance at the very start of your medical career. 
If you invest in a policy that offers adequate liability coverage when you are young, you can manage the risk of committing unintended medical errors from the very beginning of your career. These risks include financial costs and reputational damage. Investing in such a policy is also a sign of being a responsible medical professional. As you grow older and gain deeper knowledge and experience in multiple fields of healthcare, the risk of making medical mistakes grows as well, which is why the coverage and premium would tend to increase as well.

Benefits of buying a doctor’s liability cover at the right time i.e. early in the career


  • It Keeps Your Medical Career Safe

An inexperienced doctor generally does not know all the ins and outs of the profession at the start of her career. She may find it challenging to deal with the diverse kinds of healthcare issues faced when dealing with her patients. 
Assume that a young doctor is treating a patient who is suffering from a complicated disease in its advanced stages. If proper care is not taken, the treatment itself could create complications or cause injuries. In the worst case, it may even lead to the death of the patient. If the family members of the victim file a court case against the doctor, its impact can ruin the doctor’s career. This is not a desirable outcome for any medical practitioner.
To keep all the related risks involved at bay, you are advised to buy a doctor’s mishaps cover from a leading insurance company.

  • It Helps You Avoid Financial Loss

There is no limit to the compensation amount that the victim of a medical negligence case can demand, from a medical professional. It can depend, among other factors,  on the severity of the injury to the patient. In the worst case, the outcome might even be death. Other expenses that a doctor needs to pay for, apart from the compensation amount, include legal costs and lawyer’s fees, to name a few. 
Not having an active doctor’s liability insurance policy means that a doctor must bear all the above expenses out of her pocket and face significant financial loss. It is difficult to manage these expenses unless you have a liability insurance policy. 

  • It Helps You Achieve Your Long-Term Goals

Life-long learning and growth are typical features in the life of a healthcare professional. After completing her graduation in the field of medicines, a doctor usually goes on specialize in a specific stream, be it cardiology, surgery, psychiatry or others. For an individual who is at the start of her medical career, getting involved in a lawsuit filed by one of her patients could be a factor causing her to lose focus on her important, long-term goals.
However, a medical professional can avoid losing focus by buying a doctor’s mishaps cover at the right time which is the start of her career. 

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