Group Health Insurance

Employees are entitled to a certain number of sick leaves per year as per the policy of a company. Even though sick leaves are given to an employee in case of any health emergency, it is normally seen to upset the work schedule of a company. An organisation may require a particular employee to deliver in time; yet, an employee falling sick is considered unavoidable.

As a result, the employer has to bear the real-time consequences of bad health. In the work scenario, it is not that only employees rarely fall sick. Seasonal fever or any other diseases, and even work pressure can lead to health upset of an individual. Like we said, only when you need an employee the most, there is a tendency to fall short of attendance.

Imagine a scenario where a company is required to put in extra manpower to complete a big client project. It is really the whole team effort which can give good results. Even if one employee (out of a select base of employees) appointed to deliver the task goes on leave, it is really the whole team which has to bear the pressure. It is likely to affect the work productivity, and therefore, the quality of final output.

Below are the few steps which an organisation can take to benefit the health of its employees.

  1. Medical Aid:  Many seasonal diseases can be prevented by following certain steps at the workplace. Flu shots can be given to employees to avoid suffering from seasonal diseases. Likewise, make sure you have the necessary access to health facilities and equipment when a medical emergency strikes.
  2. Health Camps:  A periodic health check in company organised health camps is a welcome move. You can supplement the knowledge of an employee by making him/her more aware of their own health. There can be diabetes check screening camps, eye check up camps or even BP checkups, to make employees more aware of their health and a medical problem in general.
  3. Seasonal healthcare guides/tips: This step can be very useful like in the case of dengue fever. There is no vaccine one can really take to prevent dengue fever, but preventive steps can be taken to reduce the probability. There are to-do’s to avoid contacting the dengue virus. An employer can do so by providing health tips through an e-newsletter, for example.
  4. Preventive health checks: These are very important to carry on the workplace. It is a common human mentality to take health for granted. Your body clock is subject to changes under tight work deadlines, and at the other end, wear and tear due to age. A basic preventive checkup will ensure an employee is always on the go.
  5. Stress Buster Activities can be effective in creating a healthy atmosphere in the office and fun too. An organisation can have fun quiz competitions, for example, to mentally de-stress the employees at the workplace. One can also do team building exercises like a get-to-know exchange or workshops on an off site visit. Yes, it is really that simple
  6. Group Health Insurance: A corporate medical coverage is an essential employee benefit which should be adopted by an employer. A group health cover has many benefits attached to keep employees healthy or to avoid any health calamity. The solution lies in covering all employees under a standard risk cover at an affordable premium package.

There are many flexible corporate health insurance plans available to an organisation, depending upon various factors. The clear benefits are being proactive to secure the health of an employee, and its great affordability. Considering the points mentioned above, any comprehensive group health policy will benefit an employer and employee in the following ways.

  • In the case of seasonal diseases, the expense incurred by an individual for his/her treatment can be very high. A group health cover is expected to take care of the complete expense of an employee inclusive of pre and post hospitalization treatment too
  • Healthcare consultation is made easy with group health insurance cover. An employee has access to better resources to take preventive measures to avoid any calamity ahead
  • Personal health can be better managed under this insurance cover. Employees will have a sustained interest in their health management as it is more affordable now

There are many benefits of buying a comprehensive group health policy. A standard policy is expected to factor the nature of the job. The different risks attached to a group of employees, and may even offer a more customized plan for individual employees.

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