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Staying up late will be detrimental to human health, because the adrenal cortex hormone and growth hormone are all secreted during the night when people are sleeping. The former is secreted before dawn, which can promote the metabolism of carbohydrate in human body, and protect the development of muscle; while the latter is produced only after sleep, which can not only promote the growth and development of young people, but also can delay the aging process of the elderly. As a result, staying up late will cause a variety of harms to human body.
1. Frequent fatigue and decreased immunity
The most serious sequence caused by staying up late is fatigue and lack of energy. What’s more, the immunity of human body will decrease accordingly. And some other symptoms such as cold, gastrointestinal infections, allergies will also appear.
2. Headache
The next day after staying up late, you will suffer from headache when you are at work or at class. You will be unable to concentrate. What’s more, long-term staying up late and insomnia will also bring invisible damage to our memory.
3. Dark circles and puffiness
Night is the time for human body to have a good rest. Without adequate rest, you will feel extremely tired, which will lead to poor blood circulation around the eyes, causing dark circles or blood streak in the white of the eye.
4. Dry skin, dark spots and acne
The period between 11:00 pm to 3:00 am in the next day is the beauty time, and it is also the time for the meridians in human body to move to gall bladder and liver. If these two organs do not have adequate rest, it will be reflected on the skin. So some problems such as roughness, yellowish face, dark spots and acne will appear. What’s worse, long-term staying up late will slowly cause some neurological and psychiatric symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety and so on.
5. Affecting fertility
For the men and women of childbearing age, if they always stay up late, it will not only affect the motility and quantity of male sperm, but also will affect the secretion of female hormone and the quality of ovum, and it is also likely to influence the menstrual cycle.
6. Increasing the probability of getting some chronic diseases
People who staying up all night always have higher secretion of adrenaline than the average person, which will increase the pressure on metabolism, and thus leading to some chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes.
What’s more, there are also other harms caused by staying up late, such as poor eyesight or dysfunction of the liver. We should pay special attention to these bad effects, and try not to stay up late at night.