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Popeye was on the right path when he chose spinach as his source of vitamins and superpowers. When you were young, you probably didn’t like to eat it. You can have them sometimes in drinks, salads, soups, a sandwich, or even in stew. You can make spinach a part of your daily diet by eating it before breakfast. This way, you can start your day by filling your body with nutrients and vitamins like A, C, and E.
If you are trying to lose weight or maintain a fit figure, you can include this green in any of your meals. As you will see, spinach is in the green list of the traffic light guide, having only 37 calories every 100 gr.
The following are some spinach benefits:

  1. Spinach has high levels of iron, which you need when you are trying to lose weight. It can help prevent iron deficiencies and even anemia.
  2. Spinach leaves have membranes called thylakoids. These make your body feel feel less hungry 95% of the time.
  3. To our pregnant beauties, we recommend it during breast-feeding. Its high content of calcium and folic acid will do wonders to your body.
  4.  Spinach’s high fiber will help with some gastric issues, such as inflammation, constipation, and gas.
  5.  Did you know Spinach works as an anti-inflammatory? Well yes, its Vitamin B can help you alleviate inflammation,
  6. In addition, Spinach is durable, and you can find it at any budget. It can even survive in Winter and be healthy in Spring.
  7. Spinach has beta carotene, which is wonderful for your eye-sight.
  8. Its Vitamin D content can improve your skin, and protect you from sun-rays. It can help prevent different skin spots, freckles and wrinkles. Specially, if combined with


    and Collagen .

  9. If you are on a diet and follow a regular movement routine, spinach will help you fortify your bones and muscles due to its high content of Vitamin K.
  10. Spinach also has high levels of water, which will help release toxins and get rid of parasites.

Tip: Did you know freezing Spinach decreases its benefits?
Wash them well, it’s hard to get rid of the pesticides in the spinach leaves. Making it affordable for everyone to get. You can even grow it at home. If your kids don’t like it, hide it from them. Blend them and make it a part of their meals.


  • Cook it properly for the proper function of thyroid gland.
  • Wash spinach leaves carefully and properly, repeating the rinsing process two or three times because if any spick of grit left behind will destroy the taste of perfect dish.
  • Have a bowl of spinach on the daily basis to increase the efficiency of muscles.
  • After eating spinach, wash your teeth properly for might it can stick in your teeth and gives the bad effect.
  • Spinach can be used as a proper dish or a perfect dinner dish, it is good either way.


  • Don’t have spinach if your kidneys are not fully functional.
  • Don’t have spinach all alone as it is high in oxalic acid, it can bind with iron and calcium and can cause your body absorb less nutrients.
  • Eat spinach, not kale because it is very bitter in taste and its toughness cannot be overcome through cooking.
  • If you are allergic to spinach, don’t have it.
  • To avoid the fat, don’t use bacon or egg yolks in your dish rather use mushrooms and garbanzo beans.

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