Press About SecureNow

Following the call made by our Hon’ble Prime Minister as a response to Covid-19 situation and to adhere to the subsequent countrywide lockdown, we have quickly moved to a Work from Home (WFH) model. We have made the safety, well-being and health of our employees the priority, while continuing to deliver to our clients. What seemed like an overwhelming task at first has now become a sustainable working method, thanks to the extraordinary drive and dedication displayed by our employees in adapting to this new working model and continuing to deliver.
Through the meticulous planning over the past few weeks by SecureNow BCP team, we were able to put in place a number of measures that equipped our employees and helped them in performing their roles in best possible way.
As we migrated to WFH Model, we urged our employees to utilise all productivity and digital tools at their disposal to maximize productivity and issued the guidelines outlining the environment and tools required to transition smoothly from offices to homes and to collaborate remotely with the teams. All team leaders were asked to drive collaborative and inclusive work practices to ensure that every member of the teams’ remains engaged, connected and included while working through this WFH model.
The strength and spirit of our dedicated employees, who have risen to meet the challenges posed by this evolving situation is very heartening. We are extremely appreciative of the continuous support and commitment that we receive from each of our employee to manage business priorities at this difficult time.
We have stepped up in our support to clients. Within a few days of the lock-down we introduced a CoVID-19 insurance on our website and mobile app. At very affordable prices, our clients can get immediately insured for CoVID. We’ve also set-up our systems so that claims have not suffered. Our claims team has continued to be involved in cashless claims. Specifically, on reimbursement claims we have introduced settlement on the basis of soft copies and have had the insurers waive off the requirement for paper copies. Our team has also been on the phone addressing our clients’ concerns. One big concern has been that property insurances may lapse if the insured properties are unoccupied for over 30 days. We have worked with the broking association and insurers to make sure that this restriction is waived-off as a one-time relaxation. This deep support to our clients has reassured them in these difficult times.
Maintaining health and well-being is more important than ever. The health and safety of our employees and their families, as well as our clients and communities that we serve, are of utmost important at this juncture. SecureNow is closely monitoring the on-going Covid-19 pandemic situation and taking all necessary steps to ensure safety of all our employees and other stakeholders.