Group Health Insurance

In How Many Ways is a Group Health Insurance Beneficial for Your Employees?

As an employer, you want all your employees to stay healthy and motivated so that they can work at maximum productivity for the growth of your business. You, as an employer or a senior leader, do have an important role to play in ensuring not just the motivation but also the good health of your employee teams! Let us see how. 
You might have witnessed situations where some of your employees suffered due to health problems. They couldn’t come to the office for several days because of critical illness. The energy and motivation of others to work at peak efficiency might similarly have been impacted due to poor health. Not everyone can easily afford the best quality treatment. They might not have bought individual health insurance, thinking it to be an additional expense. This is one reason why some health problems persist over a long tenure. 
Keeping one’s health insured is like a necessity these days. You can make sure that all your employees can avail health insurance with many additional benefits as compared to an individual policy, by buying from among the best group health insurance policies in India.
There are several benefits that you can offer to people working for your company with group health insurance.  

  • Affordable Medical Insurance 

The cost of getting good quality treatment has increased considerably over the past few years. With a fixed income, many people prefer to prioritize paying for other financial liabilities instead of paying for a health checkup, health insurance, or sometimes even being able to complete the necessary treatment. 
By choosing a good quality group health insurance policy, you can ensure that your employees can take good care of their health. As compared to an individual health insurance policy, a group policy costs each employee less money for providing the same cover. Not just that, your employees can pay for its premium in affordable EMIs of a few hundred rupees or more, based on the chosen coverage limit.

  • No Need for prior Medical Tests 

In general, an individual’s prevailing health condition has an impact on the premium of the health insurance policy. Plus, he or she needs to get pre-requisite medical tests done at the time of buying the policy. 
However, none of your employees need to go through these tests when you (the employer) choose to go for the best health insurance policy in India. Also, the new employees who will join your company gets insured under the group policy from the very first day at work. 

  • Easy to Include Family Members

For your employees, the health of their family members is as important as their own. Hence along with ensuring their own health, they also want health insurance coverage for other individuals in their families. This is not possible with an individual health insurance policy, which is generally non-customizable in this aspect. 
But a group policy is different. Your employees can include their family members into the policy to get extended coverage benefits. Based on the selected coverage limited, the premium to be paid increases. You can also customize the policy in terms of sum assured and other benefits offered to the employees’ family members.

  • No Waiting Period

In general, you have to wait for two to four years to get coverage for certain severe health diseases (known as pre-existing diseases), under individual health insurance. This waiting period varies from one insurer to the other. 
But your employees do not need to wait for any duration of time when you choose a group health policy. Such a policy covers pre-existing conditions like heart problems and diabetes immediately. It is also possible to get additional benefits by adding valuable riders for covering critical illness and accidental insurance at a slightly higher premium.
Irrespective of the insurer, make sure you check the policy wording before buying the best group health insurance policy in India. 
To summarize, your employees can enjoy several key benefits when you choose a group health policy for them. If choosing the right policy seems difficult for you, we at SecureNow can help. Contact us right away to get the best group health policy and effectively motivate your employees with the perk of health insurance. 

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