Health Newsletter

13th November is also known as World Alzheimer Day. Alzheimer’s Disease is the type of dementia that causes problem with memory, thinking and behavior. In this condition brain cells degenerate and die eventually destroying the memory. More than 1 million people are affected by this disease every year in India.
In order to protect brain tissue, one must have good diet and nutrition. But in addition to this one must keep the brain active because passive brain have the tendency to atrophy. In this article we are going to discuss the various ways or exercises which you can do to improve your memory and keep the brain active.

  1. Learn new language:

Our brain loves to learn new things. If you love to travel, learning new language can be fun and will also help to keep your brain healthy. The listening and hearing new things stimulates the brain. Research have shown that people who learned new language exhibited dementia symptoms.

  1. Stop Multitasking:

Studies have shown that it is about eight seconds which is required to convert the piece of information into memory. So, if you are doing two or more things simultaneously, it is more likely that you will make errors. Doing one thing at a time will help you to be more focused and will increase the efficiency of the brain.

  1. Listen to music:

Whether you love singing or just listening to it, music is the most efficient way to stimulate new pathways to your brain. This will increase the concentration and focus of the brain and will also distress the brain as it will distract your brain from thinking about the stressful things.

  1. Learn musical instrument or dance:

Learning musical instruments or dance require lot of concentration and hand-eye coordination which will boost your neurological blood flow. Research have shown that learning new and complex things over a longer period of time is ideal for aging mind.

  1. Play brain games:

If you don’t challenge your brain with something surprising or new, it will deteriorate with time. One way of doing this is by playing brain games. There are various sites available online on which you can play these games. This will improve the brain function and will help you to counteract the degeneration of brain.