Doctors Professional Indemnity

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Doctors often undertake life-saving treatments and diagnosis. However, mistakes can occur in their diagnosis of an illness or in its treatment. In such cases, the patient may suffer severe consequences. These often lead to liability claims against doctors who are held responsible for the patient’s financial losses. So, How to file a claim under a doctor’s professional indemnity policy?

Such claims come in the form of lawsuits and put doctors under financial stress. A doctor’s professional indemnity insurance policy helps doctors cover legal costs as well as pay for third-party settlements.

So, if you face malpractice litigation, you need to raise a doctor’s professional indemnity insurance claim. Do you know the process?

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow –

Inform the insurance company

The first step is to inform the insurance company as soon as a lawsuit is filed against a doctor or a medical establishment. The company then registers the claim and begins the process.

Arrange for legal defence

You can hire your own defence counsel or allow the insurance company to do so if the same is covered under the policy. The legal costs will be covered by the doctor’s professional indemnity policy.

Seek reimbursements 

This policy works on the reimbursement model. It requires you to first incur the expenses and then file the claim. However, with some insurers that have their own panel of lawyers, the process can also be cashless.

File the claim

The final step is to file a detailed claim with the insurance company. Fill up the claim form and submit it along with the supporting documents. This will help the insurer to process your claim and settle it at the earliest.

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Supporting documents

The documents you will need to submit along with the claim are as follows:

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Copy of professional indemnity insurance policy
  • The court notice or summons received
  • Original proof of costs incurred on defending the lawsuit
  • Court order or any written proof specifying the settlement amount
  • Bank details of policyholder for sending reimbursement
  • Any other document the insurer may seek depending on the nature of the claim

Rejection of claim

There are some instances when the claim gets rejected. This happens when the claim is made for a policy exclusion or for a period during which the coverage was not available.

The claim can also be rejected if the policy has lapsed or the process has not been followed properly. It could also happen if all policy documents have not been submitted.

How SecureNow can help in filing the claim

You can contact SecureNow’s claim advisory for easy settlements, even if you are not a client. SecureNow has the technical expertise required to get your rejected or delayed claims settled.

We can provide you with information about the claim process and the documents required to file the claim.

Moreover, SecureNow enjoys deep ties with all insurance companies and can coordinate with these companies to get your claim settled.

So, to buy a suitable doctor’s professional indemnity policy or to get assistance with claims, you can visit or call 96966 83999.