Group Health Insurance

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PPN stands for Preferred Provider Network. It is the network of hospitals that have deeper tie-ups with respective health group insurance companies to provide seamless and cashless claim services to their policyholders. A hospital joins PPN when both the hospital and insurance company synchronize in their approach on how to serve the policyholders. Therefore, the hospital and insurance companies sign up for an agreement regarding service levels, treatment costs, and discounts on incidental costs incl. pharmacy and pathology, payment terms, patient volume, etc. to firm a long-term partnership. So, let’s get to know how does PPN network policies work.


It is common for insurers to provide options to policyholders to choose between policies that cover claims in –

  1. Open network and
  2. PPN network only


PPN network policies are cost-effective compared to Open network policies as insurers are able to translate the savings from claims to policy premiums.


Below are a few insurers that offer policies with PPN network –


  1. All Public Sector Insurers (NIA, NIC, UIIC & OIC)
  2. ICICI Lombard GIC
  3. Religare Health – Now Care Health
  4. Reliance GIC