Health Newsletter

4th of February is known as ‘World Cancer day’, which is an international day marked to raise the awareness of cancer and encourage people about its prevention, detection, and treatment.
Cancer does not happen overnight. The choices of your diet, exercise, and other daily habits can affect your risk of developing cancer. Hence it is most important to lead a healthy lifestyle, so as to prevent cancer. And, this is what we will be discussing in this article.
1.Stay away from tobacco:
Nowadays, you hear a lot that ‘Tobacco causes cancer’, and that’s true. Tobacco has no safe form. Smoking and chewing tobacco can be dangerous for your health. This is because, tobacco contains cancer causing substance, carcinogens, which damages your tissue. It is also important to stay away from indirect tobacco smoke, which is also called passive smoking.
2.Maintain healthy weight:
Maintaining healthy weight is one of the most important ways to protect against cancer. Keeping your weight is easily said than done, but still taking some major steps can help. Being as lean as possible within the normal range is optimal way for cancer prevention. If you are overweight, try to get to the healthy weight and maintain that.
Exercise has a much more benefits rather than just improving physical health. It is important to exercise at least 30 to 60 minutes with moderate intensity. Moderate intensity activity is the one that makes you breathe as hard as you do brisk walk. Doing some physical exercises above some usual activities can give you many health benefits and also helps in preventing cancer.
4.Eat healthy:
You should eat at least 2 cups of vegetables and fruits each day. Try focusing on the plant based food and keep red meat to minimum. It is important to cut down the bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Also try poultry, fish, legumes as healthier source of protein
5.Keep alcohol moderate:
Most of us know that moderate drinking of alcohol is good for heart, but drinking high amount of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer. Man should not drink more than two drinks a day while women should not have more than one drink.
So in all, lose weight, eat healthy vegetables, exercise, cut down fatty animal carbs, and quitting smoking can help you prevent cancer. We know that its not a new news, but yes, it works!