Health Newsletter

Green peas, also known as Matar in India, belong to the common bean family and is used in diet around the world. Green peas are tiny spherical seeds but they are packed with a lot of nutrients and protein. Most of the people think that these inexpensive peas are just used for garnishing the platter, and hence is left behind after dinner. But the fact is that these little seeds are the powerhouse of antioxidants and micro-nutrients.
In this article, we are going to tell you some of the health benefits of including green peas into your diet. So keep reading how green peas are beneficial for your organs and the reasons to give this healthy veggie a try!
1. Helps in Weight Loss:
Green peas are low in calories and also contains low fat. Hence including these in your regular diet can help you in your goal of weight reduction. Regular consumption of peas helps in managing the weight effectively. The fibre and protein content will help keep you feeling full to tackle cravings and reduce appetite.
2. Control Blood Sugar:
Green peas help in managing blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes. Spike in blood sugar levels can affect your memory, cause you fatigue, headache and increased urination. Green peas possess low glycemic index, which prevents blood sugar levels to increase dramatically.
3. Improves Digestion:
Green peas are packed with a large amount of dietary fibre and can fulfil up to 40% of your daily fibre requirement. Fibres are necessary for your intestines to keep them healthy. Fibre moves through the gastrointestinal tract and helps to clean them by increased stool frequency.
4. Boosts Immunity:
High levels of anti-oxidants such as coumestrol (a polyphenol), alpha-carotene and beta-carotene (carotenoids), helps in keeping the immune system strong. Green peas are also the rich source of minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, calcium and manganese which enhances immunity by increasing white blood cell production.
5. Rich in Protein:
Green peas are the rich source of protein with each serving providing 8.6 grams of protein if consumed raw. Consuming peas can help in improving the overall health of skin, hair, muscles and bones. This puts green peas at top plant-based protein foods.
So the next time when green peas are the part of your meal, don’t avoid eating them and shove them aside on plates. Instead, try eating these peas with your normal meal as they can improve your health.