Health Newsletter

Nowadays, aerobics exercises are becoming more popular in fitness industry. Many research have proved that aerobic exercises not only provide physical benefits, but it also has other mental and health benefits too.
These exercises are performed for long period of time with medium to low intensity which helps us to burn calories, eliminate the stress and stimulates immune system. Aerobic exercises include running, swimming, walking, cycling and kickboxing.
Today, we are going to discuss different benefits which we get by performing these set of exercises.

  1. Increases the stamina

Performing aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes every day can increase the cardiovascular strength. Regular exercise can cause increase in heart strength to pump blood, increases capillary density in muscles and increase pliability of blood vessel to move blood. This can lead to increase in stamina.

  1. Improves mental health

Regular aerobic exercises releases endorphin, which is natural pain and stress fighter reduces stress, anxiety and fights depression. It can increase your confidence, memory, brain function and makes you emotionally stable.

  1. Helps you lose weight

Aerobic exercises help in reducing the weight. Doing regular aerobics helps in effective pumping of oxygen and this will help you take off the extra weight. Also as this exercise is performed for longer time interval, it helps to burn the extra calories resulting weight loss.

  1. Improves muscle health

Aerobic exercises develop the microscopic blood vessel that increases the oxygen flow to the muscles. This prevents the muscle metabolic wastes such as lactic acid. Aerobic exercises are advised to those people who are affected from the chronic muscle pain and back pain.

  1. Improves your sleep

Aerobic exercises such as swimming and cycling dramatically improves the quality of sleep. While we do the exercise, we burn calories which in result rises the body temperature and makes you tired. Post exercise the temperature of body drops which will improve your sleep in night.
Now as you know some of the benefits of aerobic exercises, do make sure to include these in your regular fitness program to enjoy such benefits.