Workmen Compensation

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A workmen’s compensation policy covers the financial liabilities on behalf of organizations in case of injury or death of workers during their employment course. As per the statutes of the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, organizations are financially responsible for compensating injured workers. Therefore to take care of this financial responsibility, a workmen’s compensation policy is designed.

Let’s have a look into the important workmen compensation features which make the policy distinct in the coverage provided –

Features Of Workmen Compensation Insurance
Features Of Workmen Compensation Insurance


Policy exclusions

The policy exclusions are:
1. Attempted suicide or deliberate self-inflicted injuries
2. Injuries suffered outside of work
3. Agreed compensation payable to employees as per an agreement
4. Injuries suffered under the influence of intoxicants


Policy extensions

Some common extensions include coverage for contractual employees, medical costs, and occupational diseases.

Benefits of worker insurance for employer and employee

The workers compensation policy or employee compensation insurance benefits both the employer and the employee in the form of financial liability & compensation for any contingencies suffered at the workplace.


Important clauses of workmen compensation policy

Indemnity clause

The policy will only pay the actual costs incurred by the employer in litigation, penalties, and court awards.

Average clause

The sum insured is modified by the insurance company to cover the changed number of employees, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Contribution clause
In the case of multiple policies, the claim amount would be shared by insurance companies in the ratio of the coverage offered. The financial impact of not placing this insurance correctly can be severe.

Different industries can have their reason to buy this policy. Industries that involve high labour-intensive work such as construction, mining, transportation & logistics, need the most as the risk of an accident or mishappening during the work is high.


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