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Did you know that, sanitizers directly destabilize the cell membrane of the bacteria demanding to grow, due to lipids and protein present on the grime around our hands?
Have you ever thought of that this little alcohol based gel in a small decanter which kills bacteria, have got some deep drawbacks too?
Hand sanitizers are majorly, alcohol based and antibiotics based hand cleansers. Which wipes out the presence of bacteria, by its chemical property to cut off the bacteria.
Life hacks of using a hand sanitizer
The portability, less time consumption and easy to use characteristics, has made it efficient all over the folks.
Hand sanitizer has the ability to kill 99% of germs. Studies have concluded that people who have been suffering from gastrointestinal i.e stomach problem and respiratory disorders have reduced their chances of facing a severe problem after it’s use.
It prevents protein mutation to happen from the core ground level, due to its cutting property.
Some concerns pertaining to sanitizers should also be looked upon, some facts and reality behind hand sanitizers.
Hand sanitizer are not actually cleaning agents and cannot be the replacement of soap and water, instead using them is a complementary activity. The effectiveness of hand sanitizers is reflected when they are used in conjunction with the proper hand washing with a soap. All the ounce of dirt can’t be simply replaced by alcohol based sanitizers only. Alcohol doesn’t have the capacity of cutting the ounces of dirt, it can be washed by an ordinary soap and water only.
Adding on to the context, all sanitizers are not equally effective, when we talk about the alcohol content in them. The effective alcohol based sanitizers should have 65% to 90% of alocohol, ethanol or isopropanol. A sanitizer having alcohol content less than 60% would not be as much effective as it has to be.
Finally, when at home-grown, it is preferable to wash your hands with soap and water, while if jammed at a place where there is no availability of soap and water, sanitizer is a best option. Although, simply avoiding hand cleanliness on these situations, is simply a No.

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