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Dates are dry soft fruits with a sweet and delicious taste, which come from the date palm trees that grow in the desert. Dates come with a lot of benefits that are essential for us.
Date palm is among the most ancient fruit trees that have been grown in the Middle East and the Indus valley for thousands of years. It was considered the staple food of people living in those areas many years ago. The date palm was later introduced to different parts of the world starting from South East Asia, Northern Africa, Spain, Italy, and Mexico, and then to the United States during the eighteenth century.

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Dates are of endless varieties. They can be classified as soft, semi-soft, and dry dates. Like other fruit, dates are seasonal products and therefore the supply of fresh dates is always limited. Dates can also be used as ‘survival food’ on long trips or on hiking as it contains lots of nutrients, which boost the energy level, and it is easy to carry and ready to eat.
Nutritional Values 0r benefits of Dates:
Date fruits contain lots of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals for normal growth, health, and well-being.
Amount per 100 grams:

1. Calories 282
2. Total fat 0.4g
3. Saturated fat 0g
4. Polyunsaturated fat 0g
5. Monounsaturated fat 0g
6. Cholesterol 0 mg
7. Sodium 3 mg
8. Potassium 964 mg
9. Total carbohydrate 110 g
10. Dietary fibre 12 g
11. Sugar 93 g
12. Protein 3.6 g
13. Vitamin A 0%
14. Vitamin C 1%
15. Calcium 5%
16. Iron 8%
17. Vitamin B-6  10%
18. Vitamin B-12  0%
19. Magnesium 15%

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Health Benefits of Dates

1. Diet Balancing:

Dates are rich in dietary fibre that frees us from cholesterol and contains very low-fat resulting in weight loss. It also helps in keeping weight at a normal and balanced level for diet-conscious people.
• Prevent Digestive Problems: Fresh dates are soft and easily digestible. It helps improve your digestive system as it contains soluble and insoluble fibres and different types of amino acids.

2. Keeps your Heart Healthy:

Dates have high sources of potassium and low level of sodium that keep your nervous system and heart healthy.

3. Prevent Anemia:

The high iron content in the fruit is beneficial for those suffering from anaemia and boosts the amount of iron in their blood.

4. Reduce Constipation:

Dates are a healthy laxative food item that can prevent chronic constipation. So, soaking dates overnight in water and having them with water reduces constipation.

5. Cures Eyesight Problem:

It helps to improve your eyesight and reduces the chances of getting night blindness.

6. Energy Booster:

Dates contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose, and fructose that help in boosting your energy level. Thus, it has low calories and it is very suitable for health-conscious people.

7. Strengthen Bones:

Dates strengthen your bones and keep them healthy because they contain selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

8. Relief from Intoxication:

Dates are commonly used as a remedy to cure alcoholic intoxication. Therefore, you can soak the dates overnight and have them the next day to prevent severe hangovers.

9. Allergies:

Dates contain organic sulfur that helps in reducing allergies in general and seasonal allergies.

10. Diarrhea:

Ripe dates contain a high amount of potassium that is effective in preventing diarrhoea.

11. Dates and a Healthy Pregnancy:

Dates are rich in iron content, so an intake of the fruit by the pregnant mother protects the mother and the baby from anaemia. It also prevents several problems such as bloatedness, bowel pain, and intestinal difficulties that occur in women during pregnancy period. Also, it improves the uterus muscles and smoothens the passage during delivery time. It also prevents haemorrhage soon after childbirth.

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