Workmen Compensation

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A workmen’s compensation policy is important coverage for organizations.

How to select a workmen’s compensation plan?

  1. Make sure that the coverage offered under this policy is comprehensive enough to cover all possible financial liabilities.
  2. Choose an experienced intermediary that can help you enhance and customize the coverage of
    your workmen’s compensation policy. An extra premium will be charged for including policy extensions.
  3. Check the worker compensation insurance quotes from different companies and compare them to find the right price.
  4. An insurer that provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable premium would be the right worker compensation insurer. Declare all your workers under the plan

Buying the right compensation policy is critical for an employer to ensure that they can adequately cover the compensation as awarded to employees by the Workers Court.

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Workmen’s Compensation policy – Buy

Nowadays, some insurers and intermediaries have embraced digitization and are offering their insurance plans online. You can visit the website of SecureNow and apply for workmen compensation online. Even better, visit the website of an online insurance broker or a reliable insurance aggregator to buy labor insurance online. Buying workmen compensation online is quick, simple, and hassle-free.

Documentation is an important part of buying the policy. Documents required:

  • A proposal form completely filled in and signed by the authorized signatory of the organization. This form should clearly specify your line of work
  • The KYC documents of the organization
  • The employee records stating the number of workers and their respective job profiles
  • The average salary of your workers
  • Other documents as needed by the insurance company

How SecureNow can help you with this policy?

SecureNow ( is an insurance broker that has tied up with leading general insurance companies. With SecureNow you can compare the best policies and buy labor insurance online. SecureNow provides deeply researched workmen compensation quotes along with their coverage details. The meaning of all the technical terms is explained on our website. You can compare and buy workmen compensation online with minimal hassles through SecureNow and receive the risk cover note instantly.
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