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It is normal to us to take showers in morning as it provides the required freshness to our body and mind. But there are some people who take shower in the evening or night too. Lot of research is there on internet comparing morning shower with night shower. But here we will be talking about the advantages of taking shower at night.
Taking shower in the evening or night doesn’t mean that you need not have to take bath in the morning. But there are different aspects of night shower as it provides you the feeling of relaxation. Taking shower at night helps you to release your muscle stiffness which occurs during the day sitting in office. So, let’s discuss the benefits of night shower below:

  1. Improves quality of sleep:

The morning shower can wake you up and boost you up with the tremendous freshness. But if you want to improve your sleep, showering at night may help. Time your shower before an hour or two before hitting the sack. This time gap is required because your body temperature rises when you take shower. This can help induce sleep when there’s enough time to cool off afterward.

  1. Prevents Allergic Reaction:

Some people are allergic to the surrounding like dust and pollution. Taking shower at night will wash off all the allergens trapped in your hair and on your skin. By doing this you don’t transfer allergy causing bacteria to your bed sheet, thereby saving yourself from allergic reaction.

  1. Lowers Body Tension:

Your body causes tension and the stiffness due to all day activities in the office and stress and worries in the mind. Hot water shower in the night will help you relieve muscle tension. Hot water bath allows muscle fibers to loosen and relax. Taking a shower triggers our hormones that makes us relax and uplifts our mood.

  1. Better Skin:

Washing your face before going to bed is not exclusive to showering. But doing both things together can make it much easier. Taking shower will wash off the germs and bacteria from your body. It will help reduce break out, increases moisturizer’s efficacy and prevents infection and wrinkles.

  1. Improves Hygiene:

Many experts have revealed that showering at night is beneficial for people suffering acne, smelly feet, bad odour due to sweat, infections, etc. Showering before heading to bed ensures that you have eliminated all traces of dirt and oil from your body, thereby preventing chances of increasing the intensity of infections.
 Now as you know the benefits of taking shower at night, refresh your skin and muscle by doing so. But remember that while taking a shower at night you should mostly use warm water. After shower dry your body and hair completely with a clean towel and only then you should go to bed.