Health Newsletter

Ajwain seeds or carom seeds belong to the cumin (jeera) family and grow widely in India. They are used extensively in Ayurvedic and Unani treatment. Carom seeds have a pungent smell and taste and provide exceptional value – a few flakes of carom in any dish add both taste and nutrition. The top benefits of carom include:

1. Digestion: A pinch of carom seeds followed by a sip or two of lukewarm water helps relieve acidity and heartburn, especially after an oily meal. Carom seeds can also be soaked in lime juice with powdered black salt, sun-dried in a partly open glass bowl, and stored in a closed bottle. Swallow a few tasty flakes for quick relief from any gastric problems!  This also helps to keep breath fresh.

2. Bacterial /Fungal Infection: The thymol (a natural oil) present in carom seeds if applied locally, helps in managing fungal or bacterial infections.

3. Manage Cholesterol: Carom seeds in powdered form help reduce cholesterol.

4. Manage high blood pressure: Carom helps in reducing high blood pressure.

5. Soothe coughing:  Carom seeds are beneficial when had with tulsi leaves. Boil tulsi leaves and carom seeds in water for 15 min, sip the cooled liquid (with a spoon of honey added for taste) to soothe coughs and reduce chest congestion.

6. Fight inflammation: The essential oils in carom seeds help to fight inflammation and reduce pain. This is very useful especially for patients of arthritis.

7. Help in preventing kidney stones: Carom seeds prevent deposition of calcium phosphate, which helps prevent the formation of kidney stones in the body.

8. Help in weight loss: Carom seeds help in effective digestion of food and in maintaining metabolism to maintain body weight.

9. Prevent early hair greying: Carom seeds offer this great benefit – boil a spoon of carom seeds,  two or three curry leaves, dry grapes, and sugar in a cupful of water, cool and store the concoction in a glass bottle. A few sips of this liquid every day help to reduce grey hair!

10. Eyes Cleanser: Washing eyes in the morning with water in which you’ve soaked carom seeds overnight, or boiled the seeds for a few minutes (and cooled) can be very helpful. This helps keep the eyes clean and soothed naturally.

Who thought that such tiny seeds could add so much value to one’s life? It’s truly said, eventually capability matters, not size!