Group Health Insurance

A company’s growth and success depend not only on the few top executives who are leading it but also on the workforce below, which translates the plans and strategy into action.  It is the productivity, dedication, and loyalty of the employees over the years that helps an organization climb the ladder of success.   
However, employee’s morale and productivity depend on the kind of benefits offered to them by the employer. Benefits contribute to increasing employees’ satisfaction, making them feel a sense of belongingness to the company. 
To keep employees in good spirits, employers across the world go to great lengths to offer unique but relevant benefits to their workforce.  Some of the benefits offered by organizations across the globe are as follows-

  • Insurance for Pets

An increase in the number of pet owners, as well as the bond that people share with their furry family members, has prompted organizations like Scripps Health, a non-profit healthcare company in California, to offer pet health insurance. Their coverage extends for dogs and cats, the two most common pets owned by people. This is surely going to make pet owners feel like their employer cares not only for them but also for other things that are close to their hearts. 

  • Coverage for Gender Reassignment Surgery

Goldman Sachs, the American multinational investment bank is known for offering lucrative bonuses to keep its employees happy and content. However, they went a step further in 2008 by announcing that they will also offer their employees coverage in case they go for gender reassignment surgery. The procedure that normally costs anywhere between $5,000 to $150,000 will be paid entirely by the medical insurance taken by Goldman for its employees.

  • Healthcare Coverage and Free Housing

Facebook, the popular social media application, is considered as one of the best employers among the youth because it offers competitive benefits to its employees. It does not leave its interns behind, as it pays them handsomely. What’s more? They also provide healthcare coverage along with free housing to all interns, to keep them happy and secure. This shows Facebook is all for their young blood.  

  • Tuition Reimbursement 

The famous American coffeehouse chain Starbucks not only provides a warm work culture to its employees but is also a considerate employer who cares for their future. It offers full tuition reimbursement for its employees that covers an online bachelor’s degree program done from Arizona State University.

  • Sabbatical Programs 

Deloitte, the multinational accounting organization, offers its employees the option of taking two sabbatical programs. One of these sabbaticals is an unpaid one-month sabbatical that an employee can take for any reason, while the other one is a three- to six-month break that comes with 40% pay and can be chosen to pursue growth opportunities in both personal and professional space.

  • Fitness Reimbursement

The renowned multinational tech company Microsoft offers an annual “StayFit” reimbursement program for a cover of $800, to help cover its employee’s cost of gym memberships and fitness programs.

  • Parenthood Leaves

Amazon, the American multinational tech company offers two programs to employees who have become new parents; the first is the ‘Leave Share’ program which allows employees to share paid leave with their spouse if the partner’s company does not offer them paid leave. The second one is the ‘Ramp Back’ program which provides new moms with more control in easing back to work. This perk is available for employees at both corporate, customer service, and fulfillment center level.

Secure Your Employees for a Satisfied Workforce

Among all the other benefits that you can offer to your most valuable resource, i.e. your employees, group insurance is one of the most vital. Group insurance for employees such as a health cover will enable them to stay secure against medical challenges, without having a hole in their finances. We at SecureNow offer group insurance for employees that they can get at a much lower cost than if they do on an individual basis and that too without any waiting period, medical checks and other exclusive benefits such as corporate floater. 
So, to ensure that your workforce stays stable and secure even in the wake of health challenges, give them this most meaningful group insurance for employees cover. 

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