Workmen Compensation

Workplace injuries happen more often than you think. Many people are unable to resume work after a mishap at their workplace because of the injuries they’ve suffered. Injured employees have the right to monetary compensation as per the Workmen Compensation Act.  Employers are responsible for providing this security to their employees, especially in jobs that involve high risk. 

Some of the most common workplace injuries are:

  • Injuries caused by machinery

Such injuries usually occur in a factory location where heavy equipment and machinery are involved. Body parts, such as fingers, hands, feet or hair can get stuck in moving machinery parts, causing injuries and loss of bodily parts. Employees should wear proper protective gear and pull back long hair or tie it or cover it up if exposure could be risky.

  • Repetitive Motion Injury

This workplace injury is one of those which may affect workers in the long run. Repetitive work activities, even involving seemingly light workloads, such as typing and using the computer for long periods of time can strain the muscles and cause back pain, vision problems, and many more health issues.

Efficient employee training and the use of ergonomic equipment and right practices can help to minimize these incidents.

  • On-the-Job Violent Acts

Office politics or arguments may lead to physical violence in stray cases, and result in physical injuries, even severe ones.

Proper anti-violence employee training and employee diligence in watching out for suspicious activities and violent behavior can help keep these incidents at bay.


  • Chemical Inhalation

Chemicals such as pesticides, cleaning products, solvents, dyes, etc. can result in short or long-term health effects. Employees may experience light-headedness or even severe headaches due to short-term exposure to fumes, while long-term effects include chronic conditions such as emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Some ways to prevent the harm that can be caused by chemicals:

  • Maintain proper ventilation in the building and in areas where fumes can build-up
  • Get regular cleaning and maintenance of building ventilation systems
  • Mandate building inspections to find and eliminate potential hazards


  • Accidents while driving

Employees who drive for business purposes may suffer injuries in road accidents, some of which can be fatal.

Employee Safe-Driving training and the right insurance cover can help reduce accidents and their consequences.

  • Falls from heights

A fall can result from an elevated area such as a roof-top, ladder, or stairway. It can be the result of a slip or an accident, or due to faulty equipment or missing safety features. You can reduce these types of accidents by deploying suitable safety features such as railings, or installing protection equipment, ensuring training and through employee diligence.

While accidents will happen, avoiding the most common work-related injuries helps to save money on the immediate and long-term costs.

A Workmen Liability Insurance covers the total cost of medical treatment and lost wages in case of an injury during, or due to, employment. With a workmen compensation insurance policy in place, organizations can transfer the liability of compensation payments for workplace injuries to an insurer. The cost of this insurance depends on the workers’ job profiles, their experience and the claim history of the organization.


Importance of Workmen’s Liability for Employees

It is always best to protect your employees from possible risks by buying workmen liability insurance. This policy aims at protecting workmen and their dependents financially if the workmen meet with an accident or suffer an injury at the workplace. It assists the workmen by bearing the cost of treatment in the event an employee dies or suffers permanent disablement in the course of their employment.


Importance of Workmen’s Liability for Employers

Workmen Liability Insurance is also beneficial to employers as it helps them to avoid the expenses that might be incurred in case a worker meets with an unfortunate mishap while working in the organization. Workmen compensation insurance bears the cost incurred due to treatment on behalf of the employer.

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As an employer, you are liable to pay compensation in case of death, permanent or partial disability. However, it is also important to understand that you do not need to pay any compensation in case of the death or disability of the employee due to the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances. You’re also not liable to pay any compensation if an employee willfully disobeys or disregards safety or security rules or regulations stipulated by you or the management.

WC policy covers medical expenses due to workplace injuries along with defense costs arising out of lawsuits if any. It also covers diseases caused due to prolonged exposure to occupational hazards. 

Educating employees about safety and proper usage of equipment involved can reduce possible mishaps. Every employer should promote the injured worker’s speedy recovery both physically and mentally by maintaining sensitivity; it is also advised to provide full support to the affected employee.

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